Why You Should Wear the Appropriate Shoes at Work


No outfit is complete without the right footwear. But just because more companies are lax with their dress code, doesn’t mean you should wear sandals to the office. This makes you look sloppy and unprofessional. Additionally, it can lead to accidents that result in injuries.

Work-appropriate shoes are not limited to safety footwear at construction sites. Before you splurge on that shoe sale, consider these reasons why the right footwear is important at work. You’ll discover it goes beyond aesthetic value.

The right footwear prevents slips and trips.

Some leading causes of workplace injuries are trips, slips, and falls. Although several factors cause these, from slippery floors to tripping hazards, your shoes also play a role in these types of accidents. Some shoes don’t have the necessary grip on their soles which makes you prone to slipping on smoother surfaces, like tiles. Aside from this, some shoes have design elements that become tripping hazards. Laces or sandal straps can get loose and cause you to trip if you happen to step on them.

The right footwear limits muscle strain.


Although corporate offices often require their female employees to wear heels, unreasonably high heels can be the cause of injury. If you are unused to wearing high heels regularly, they might cause you to trip and sprain your ankle. Extremely high heels or platform shoes also cause unnecessary muscle strain on your legs and back. If you are required to wear this type of footwear at work, choose a pair that has a moderate heel height (around one to three inches).

The right footwear complements your outfit.

More companies are adjusting with the times. Many are moving away from formal corporate clothes in favour of a smart or business casual dress code. But this has caused some confusion as to what’s appropriate to wear to work. Simply because you can wear jeans to the office doesn’t mean you should pair them with running shoes. Dress up a casual outfit with the right pair of shoes. Whether it’s a pair of leather ankle boots or a pair of high-quality loafers, your shoes can dress up your work outfit.

The right footwear protects your feet.

Falling objects are not exclusive to labour-intensive worksites, like warehouse and factories. A stapler you accidentally dropped is a falling object and it can cause an injury if it falls on your foot. An open-toed heel or strappy sandals offers your feet minimal protection from falling objects. A pair of closed shoes will give you the necessary coverage to decrease the impact of any debris that might fall on your feet.

Make sure your work attire is well-styled from head to toe. Don’t let the lack of formal dress code influence you to wear casual footwear to work. Consider all of the reasons we presented to decide on which shoes are appropriate for your work environment. You can still be stylish even with a pair of basic ballet flats or kitten heels. Style is all about how you carry yourself in your outfit.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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