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Why it is Unbearably Hot Inside Your Home and How to Fix the Problem


The summer season is the time to go out and bask under the warm sunshine. However, in some places and for some people, the coming months mean unbearably hot weather that, even inside their home, is inescapable.

If you cannot find comfort inside your home from the high temperature, there might be a problem that you have not been addressing. Find out the possible reason why your home is too hot and how you will be able to fix it.

The Heat is Coming from Your Window

Having windows is not the problem here; keeping it open during daytime is. Although your first reaction when a room feels too hot is to open the windows to let the cool breeze in, that may be counterproductive. You may be unintentionally inviting unwanted heat into your bedroom or living room by leaving your windows open.

To fix the problem, get blackout curtains that will completely block sunlight from entering your home and raising the indoor temperature. Another option is to get residential window tinting that will help regulate the climate inside. Call a home tinting service in Arizona to talk about your specific needs.

This is more crucial for rooms that face south and get the most amount of sunlight. Closing a window and using a curtain or a tint is an easy and affordable fix that will make a huge difference.

Your Walls Absorb Heat

If the problem is not the windows, then maybe it is your walls that you should focus on. Your walls protect you from environmental elements such as sunlight. However, there are certain materials used in construction that are known to absorb rather than reflect heat.

Brick, for example, is popular in construction because it is sturdy and it looks great, especially if you like industrial-style homes. It also can get hot in the summer. If your home has brick walls, you should consider adding insulation so that the indoor temperature is unaffected even under the blazing sun.

Your House Traps Heat

Heat rises but, if it reaches the ceiling without any place to escape, there is no choice but for the heat to come back down. If the heat is emanating from under your floor, that adds another problem.

Like the problem above, adding insulation will provide relief from the heat. If you want an easy fix, cracking the window open in the attic, especially at night, will let the heat escape.

You are Letting Cool Air Escape

home air conditioner

You rely on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system to regulate indoor temperature. However, even with the AC turned on, your house still feels a little too warm. Or, as soon as you have turned off the unit, you find yourself sweating once again.

If that is the case, there might be cracks and holes where cool air is escaping from without you knowing. Go around your house and look for crevices and seal them with epoxy or joint compound. If the damage is bigger, or if it might compromise the structural integrity of the foundation, call an expert for help.

In addition to these additions and repairs, keep your body cool by drinking a lot of cool liquids and dressing in light fabrics. These simple solutions will hopefully help you survive the upcoming summer season.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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