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Why Countryside Summer Trips Are Just as Fun as Beach Getaways


Everybody is always eager to go to the beach every summer, causing the countryside to get shoved to the corners. While the crash of the waves, sounds of the seagulls, and the magnificent sunset are indeed calming watch and hear, the countryside’s fresh air, home-cooked meals, and sprawling farms are just as soothing to the senses, and therefore deserve the same love as the beach.

So if your summer bucket list is still missing a countryside trip, you definitely have to add that in now. There are loads of activities to enjoy in the rural area, leaving no room for boredom even without the speedy internet connection. Besides, vacations with your family should mostly be unplugged, so let your smartphone rest for a while.

That said, here are the fun things to do in the countryside, and why you should stay there for the summer. (or any season, for that matter.)

1. Quilting

Your grandma’s rustic home in the countryside is probably filled with quilts, where you loved to snuggle in with your cousins as children. Now that you’ve grown up, it’s time to learn the art of quilting and make your grandma proud!

Look for high-quality fabrics that you’d use as blocks, like the adorable Farm Girl Vintage Book quilt blocks and other ones with colorful designs. Prepare your sewing kit and machine, and sit with your mom, grandma, and cousins as you set to work.

Quilting is particularly therapeutic if you’ve been dealing with stress. It soothes your brain and improves your focus, and for the elderly, it reduces their risk for dementia. No doubt, it’s an activity perfect for multiple generations.

2. Going to the Woods

Your adventurous side will definitely love the woods. It’s a nice change from your usual summers at the beach, and just as beneficial. Studies found that forests can also lower stress hormones, so much so that there’s a thing called “forest therapy.” Just ensure that you’d be safe, though, because encountering a bear might reverse the effects!

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3. Stargazing

When was the last time you looked up to the stars? The countryside atmosphere is a perfect avenue for stargazing, as there tends to be less light pollution. Lie on your back on the quilt you just made, and make out constellations with your family, or by yourself if you’re seeking solace. You might even catch a shooting star or two! Feelings of awe and wonder reduce stress as well, and you may find yourself feeling more generous in turn.

4. Picnic

Research found that people who eat outside are happier than those who eat on their desks, and the reasons are pretty obvious. Picnics expose you to the sun, which is rich in vitamin D. A dose of this nutrient keeps misery at bay, helping you set aside your worries and just be in the moment.

Reasons to Choose a Countryside Vacation

If you’re not yet convinced to live in the countryside for the summer, hear out these other reasons. Your mental health will improve because the region of your brain that regulates emotion and anxiety will be triggered less, thanks to the countryside’s calming environment. Your lungs will rejoice, too, because they can finally breathe in cleaner air that the city barely has.

Safety is not a problem as well. You can sleep at night with your windows open, and nobody is likely to harm you. The only “danger” you have to watch out for are probably bears and other wild animals.

Food is cheaper and healthier, too. Organic produce is grown everywhere, even on your dwelling’s backyard.

With all these nourishment filling your body in the countryside, it’s no wonder the place is unrivaled, yet it’s still so underrated. Thus, give it the hype it deserves and make more people discover its astounding qualities.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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