chronic back pain

How to Tell When the Pain You’re Feeling Deserves Medical Attention


Everyone experiences the ups and downs of life. One moment, you can be at your peak and have the energy to do everything you have ever wanted to do. But in the next moment, you can be stuck to your bed because you feel like the entire world is on your shoulders — weighing you down relentlessly.

That’s just how life is; it’s unpredictable because you never know if your happiness will be paired with pain. And when you do experience the crippling pain without knowing the root cause, the automatic response would be to try to treat it with a pain relief pill or two. Most people would chase after that instant relief from over-the-counter pain medications instead of being left immobile.

When the pain that has left you semi-paralyzed has passed, you can simply go back to what you’re doing as if nothing has happened. But while this routine can be a quick solution to your immediate pain problems, it fails to take other potential causes into account. Taking pills can become your go-to band-aid solution every time you feel pain.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking pain relievers when you feel sudden bursts of pain because they were developed to deliver instant relief. However, if what you have is chronic pain, over-the-counter pain relievers would no longer help you. Here are three signs that you need to go see a doctor:

Sign #1: You’ve Developed Drug Tolerance

If your body becomes used to the same pain relief pills entering your system, there could be a chance that you develop drug tolerance. This doesn’t mean that you have will become dependent or addicted to pain medication; tolerance just means that the drug is no longer as effective on your body as it was before.

Before you freak out or blame yourself, you have to understand that developing drug tolerance is common and it can happen with any medication you’re taking. This is because your body is being regularly exposed to a specific medication, which led to tolerance.

Once you notice that your usual pain medication is no longer effective, it can be a sign for you to reach out to a medical professional so that they can increase your dosage or prescribe a different pill. Don’t try to self-medicate because you might cause yourself more harm in the process.

Sign #2: Your Pain Is Chronic and Debilitating

chronic back pain

People have to feel pain once in a while because numbness in the body can be caused by serious underlying health problems. However, there’s a fine line between the pain that reminds you that you’re alive from the chronic pain that leaves you writhing and debilitated.

No one should have to suffer from chronic headaches, back, joint, or neck pain because these can disrupt their day-to-day functions. If you’re experiencing pain that never seems to go away no matter how often you take pain medication, it might be time to seek professional help.

You can consult pain management specialists about your condition and what steps you can take for treatment. Since these people are experts in their field, they will be able to diagnose the root cause of your pain and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that can eradicate them.

Sign #3: The Pain Comes with Other Symptoms

It’s one thing if the pain you’re feeling just turns you into a heaping pile of limbs on the bed, but it’s a different thing altogether if it manifests with other symptoms. For instance, if you’re feeling nauseous, feverish, or start hallucinating, you can already take that as a sign to call a doctor.

Another way that symptoms can manifest is if you’re experiencing limb weakness or tingling numbness throughout your body. You can also feel over fatigued and break out into cold sweats. When this happens, don’t have second thoughts about calling a medical professional who can help you.

That’s because all these symptoms manifesting simultaneously can be your body’s way of telling you that you have a serious underlying health condition that you can no longer dismiss with pain medication. So, don’t wait until the last possible moment to consult a doctor because by then, it could be too late to do anything about your condition.

Among all your duties and responsibilities, your priority should be your health. That’s because you can’t perform those duties and responsibilities if you can’t function in an optimal condition. Don’t let your health get in the way of your dreams and aspirations, especially if you can do something about it.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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