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What are dental implants?


Dental implants Windsor could easily be argued as one of the most popular solutions for patients who are suffering missing teeth from within the mouth. In the world of restorative dental care, a field of dentistry which strives primarily to restore both the physical appearance and the normal functioning of an individual’s teeth, implant dentistry is deemed as one of the best resolutions for gaps or spaces within the mouth; but what should a patient expect from the dental implant treatment process?

What to expect from the dental implant treatment process

Within the modern world of dental care, dental implants are undeniably popular with regards to the level of effectiveness of the treatment, in addition to their long-term, and extremely durable nature. Despite their positive reputation within the dental community however, many patients may still feel unsure about what to expect from the treatment process. Many modern dental clinics strive to adopt a patient-centred dental approach. This ensures the patient is aware of every stage of the expected dental implant journey, whilst receiving a tailor-made plan to achieve the best possible results for their individual dental case.

Tending to any queries or concerns the patient may have regarding treatment

The majority of modern dental surgeries require an initial consultation before embarking on any dental treatment journey, whether this be general dentistry, orthodontic, restorative, or cosmetic procedures. During this introductory appointment, patients can expect their dental healthcare professional to discuss all aspects of the dental procedure, whilst attending to any queries or concerns the patient may express regarding treatment. Once both the patient and the dental specialists have determined that implants are the best possible solution for the individual’s smile, the treatment can commence. But what happens next?

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So what happens next?

Dental implants are deemed as an ideal solution for a wide variety of patients, who are suffering from a single, or even multiple teeth missing within the mouth. Patients may decide to embark upon this particular treatment journey due to the popular and durable nature of dental implants, but what does this procedure really entail?

Getting to know your dental implants

Dental implants essentially strive to mimic the missing tooth or teeth. Arguably the most important aspect of this dental procedure is the implant itself. The tiny titanium screw is typically less than one centimetre long, and attempts to serve as a replica root of the tooth. The anchored dental implant therefore acts as a stable base, however it is also used to support both an ‘abutment’ (which is also commonly referred to within the field of dentistry as a connector) in addition to the porcelain crown.

Did you know?

Missing teeth can incur a wide variety of problems for a patient, these unfortunately stretch far beyond difficulties when attempting to eat, drink, and brush teeth normally. The gaps left can encourage remaining teeth to move and the jawbone under a gap will no longer be stimulated and therefore lose density, causing facial structure to alter.

Dental implants might be viewed by many prospective patients as ‘unnatural’ within the mouth. Despite this common preconceived idea however, many accommodating and modern dental facilities are now embracing the latest advancements in dental technology, to ensure both the shape, and shade of the natural surrounding teeth are matched perfectly. And the new prosthetics will be firmly embedded and feel like the rest of a patient’s teeth when eating.This therefore results in both a natural, and beautiful, new healthy smile.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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