Ways To Utilise the Extra Space in Your Yard


As you think of ways to utilise the available space in your home, don’t forget about your exteriors, which probably have more than enough to offer. Your curb appeal would improve a lot if you spruce up your front yard, and your backyard would be a lot more useful if you consider extending your living and entertainment spaces to it.

That said, if your front or backyard has been calling for a dramatic makeover, here are some ideas worth considering:

Front Yard Ideas

1. Landscaping

A landscaped garden adds charm and flora and fauna to your abode. Your curb will look much more alive with various kinds of colorful blooms and lush greens. You can even make it stand out among the rest of your neighbours by planting a beautiful tree that will serve as your front yard’s focal point.

2. Porch

Porches are functional areas that you can use to welcome or entertain guests. It also gives your facade more character and adds visual interest to it. If you’re not entertaining guests, you can also lounge in your porch to have a breath of fresh air and sunlight.

3. Patio


If you have a vacant area at the side or in the corner of your yard, a patio would be a brilliant way to enhance and utilise that space. Throw in some good seats and decor in it, and make it even more fun and cosy by having a fire pit built in the middle of the space. You can also grill barbecues and smores in there, making it an excellent hangout and entertaining spot.

4. Outdoor Sitting Area

Sometimes, front yard enhancements can be done in the simplest ways, such as putting down some extra seating in the vacant spaces. Depending on the angle of the yard, sectionals sofas or benches might fit. But if the space is more open, then individual seats with a coffee or picnic table are the best.

5. Pond

If you think you can maintain a pond, why not have one in your front yard? Ponds are great focal points, and they take your home to the next level.

6. Carport

Aside from keeping your vehicles and other valuables safe, a carport can also be converted to entertaining space, a home office, studio, or bedroom. The space has great potential, so if your house doesn’t have a carport yet, that should convince you to have one built. Skillful and reliable Brisbane carport builders, for example, are available to help you.

Backyard Ideas

1. Deck

Like a patio, a deck is also a perfect entertaining spot, especially in warm and pleasant weather. It’s most ideal for hilly properties because you could be afforded a relaxing view of the trees and city lights from the skyscrapers below. At night, you can also lounge at your deck to watch the stars.

2. Sitting Area with a Fountain

If your backyard is huge, you can use it as an outdoor sitting area that’s spacious and comfortable and have a statement fountain built right across it for some drama. The extra feature may not be the most functional, but it’s eye-catching and absolutely lovely.

3. Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are another great way to utilise the large vacant area in your backyard. To preserve your privacy, have hedges built around your property to ward off prying neighbours.

4. Lattice

A lattice is great for backyards without so much space. You can use it as a decorative fence or hang small potted plants. If you’re growing beautiful vines, a lattice would definitely be a great addition.

With these brilliant ideas for filling in the extra spaces in your yard, you can improve your home to a great extent and even encourage your family to hang out more. Be sure to maintain these gorgeous yard features diligently to keep their charms.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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