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Ways to Keep Your Home Pest-Free


Pests are a nuisance to the home. Apart from their irritable activities, they also put the health of everyone in the home at risk. Problem is, pests can thrive at any time of the year and it can be quite hard to get rid of them once they have made a nest in our abode.

Fortunately, getting rid of pests for good can be done with just simple steps. Below are some ways to get rid of pests in your home and keep your family safe from all the health hazards these vermin bring.

Keep Your Home Clean

Make sure to throw away food wastes and wipe the kitchen counters at night before you go to sleep. The aroma of leftover food can attract vermin, such as rodents, mice, cockroaches, and many other pests. Likewise, make sure to clean up all clutter and mess in any part of your home. Pests usually thrive in dirty areas where they can easily hide. If you have attics and basements, make sure to have these parts of the house cleaned on a regular basis as well.

Check for Possible Signs of Infestation

Pests are good at hiding in plain sight, and we may not realize that they are already thriving in our home unless we perform a thorough check. Performing regular checking in your home should be included in your priority list. See if there are holes and gnaw marks in walls, floors, and around your property. Check also if there are burrows in the weedy areas or near your garbage bins. If you find any, that would not be a good sign. Gnaw marks and holes may be caused by rats that have already invaded your home.

Other signs of pest infestation are urine odors, scampering noises, and droppings. If you notice any of these signs in your home, you should perform certain measures to make these pests go away as soon as possible. If evicting these vermin yourself is not possible, asking help from rodent control services may just save you from all the hassles these pests bring.

Remove Wood Piles

Ants, termites, and other pests often feed on dead logs or cut firewood. To avoid having an infestation of these pests in your home, make sure to remove woodpiles in and around your home. If you need firewood, just bring in an ample amount for a few days of use, and make sure to keep them off the ground and have them covered.

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Trim Plants Around Your Home

Shrubs, trees, and some other plants can act as a bridge for the pests to enter your home. To avoid them getting into your home, make sure to cut the branches of these plants or have them trimmed so that their branches will not brush the sides of your home.

Seal Holes and Cracks

Vermin can get inside the home through the holes and cracks in the walls of your home. To prevent them from entering, make sure to seal all the holes and cracks. While this may not evict the pests completely, sealing can prevent pests from getting inside your home.

Clean Drains

The drain of your sink and floors can accumulate dirt and debris. The muck can attract insects and vermin and may provide them an ideal breeding ground. To prevent this, make sure to always keep the drains in your home clean. Maintaining their cleanliness is easy since you can just use vinegar and baking soda to clean the drain if you cannot purchase a commercial drain cleaner.

Turn Off Lights

Do not leave your lights on at night. Light attracts insects and other pests. If you are using lights to protect your home from burglars and intruders at night, consider using certain types of lights that can drive away intruders and also keep pests away. There are outdoor lights that use sodium vapor and halogen bulbs. These lights do not attract insects and pests.

Keep Recyclables Clean

Do not leave recyclables out in the open. Store them in a bin that has a tight lid. If the recyclable has leftover food, make sure to wash and clean them thoroughly before keeping them in storage. It will also help if you can store the recyclables in an area outside the home instead of inside.

Pests and vermin can cause damage not only to our home but also to our health. It is, therefore, essential that we always make it a point to perform measures that can keep them away from our home. If it cannot be helped, and they have already made a nest inside, seeking professional help from pest removal experts should be considered.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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