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Tweak These Parts for a Decorated Wrought Iron Fence


Fencing goes beyond increasing the security of your property or defining the boundaries of your home or business establishment. It now marks a fundamental element in boosting your curb appeal. There are many fencing designs out there that can improve the overall appearance of your property. A fencing material you can use is wrought iron. On top of its durability and strength, you can customize the look to your preferences.

If you are going to reach out to a provider of home fence installation in Salt Lake City, make sure that they allow customization of the fence that you want to put in your property. Some of the modifiable parts of the fence are the following:


Horizontal rails, also known as members, are the key structural components of a wrought iron fence. They are horizontal components that essentially hold your fence together and play a crucial role in its overall structure. The horizontal members form a point of connection between the posts and panels of a fence. You can install additional rails to accommodate decorative elements, such as internal scrolling.

Tip: You can also install vertical rails or members, also known as spires. They serve as your fencing posts. The fencing installer welds them on the iron fencing.


These go to the top rails of your fence and are mostly decorative pieces. Some finial designs have pointed ends to deter intruders and unauthorized individuals from climbing over the fence. This is a great way to boost the security of your property. The original purpose of finials was to draw attention to the top of castles. Today, you can introduce the finial designs as on your fence, as well as for your roofing’s protective edges and around flowerbeds, to create some design continuity in your exteriors.


These are the square or round posts, pillars or poles on either side of your gate. They have a metal piece, known as an escutcheon or cover flange, around their bases — specifically where the rail meets a solid wall. This component decorates the fence prevents water and debris from accumulating inside your posts.

Fence Brackets

Exclusive to wrought iron fences, these brackets hold your fencing components to their posts. They slide over rails before being set against the posts. A self-taping screw holds the posts to the rails.

Other Decorative Elements

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Several decorative elements are available for wrought iron fencing. The most popular are scrolls, which are S- or C-shaped elements placed between your fencing posts and along the top rail. Besides these decorative objects, you can further spruce up your fence using vines, spirals, swirls, arches, twisted columns, and arches.

Rails, finials, columns, fence brackets, and scrolls are just some of the components you can tweak or add to improve the overall appearance of your wrought iron fence. With multiple design options and finishes for your fence, you can make sure that your fence will not look plain and boring.  On top of that, a customized fence is sure to differentiate your property from other homes and business establishments in the area.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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