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Tips For Parents Who Have Physically-Demanding Jobs


Doing a physically demanding job is no joke. While most jobs aren’t easy, jobs that are physically demanding are probably the hardest of them all. Some jobs are even dangerous, such as the case for electricians, miners, and other trade workers. And even if the job itself is low-risk, you may be working in a dangerous setting like an industrial plant, which is true for those who work in fields such as instrumentation and control.

There are also jobs that have you on your feet all day and moving about, such as those in the retail and foodservice industries.

But when you’re a parent, being exhausted from work all the time can affect your home life, especially your relationship with your kids. Nevertheless, there are lots of ways you can make it work despite clocking in long, tiring hours every day.

Here are some tips that can help:

Know your limits

It can be tempting to work overtime for the pay, especially if you want to increase your income, but at what cost? If you know you’re going to arrive home when the kids are long asleep and get up for work again before they’re awake, it may be better to say ‘no’ to the overtime for the sake of spending time with your family.

Know your limits, both physical and mental. Your family and health are more important than clocking in more hours, no matter how much your boss tries to convince you. And if your body starts to punish you for working too much, both your home and work life can suffer the consequences.

Take more opportunities to rest

When you have the opportunity to rest your body, take it. You are working a physically taxing job; your body needs all the rest it can get when you’re out of work. But resting doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with your family. You can read to your kids while lounging on the sofa, cuddle up next to them while watching TV, or just simply take a nap together. Your kids will appreciate all the time they can get with you, even if you’re not doing anything strenuous.

Eat a healthy diet

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Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best ways to combat the physical demands that your job has on your body. When your body receives the nutrients it needs every day, the more energized you will feel and the stronger your immunity will be. So say no to the convenience foods and fast food runs during lunch breaks. Opt for healthy, homemade meals instead, and drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Seek help

When you’re a parent and working a physically-demanding job on top of it, it can sometimes feel impossible to do everything on your own. During these times when you’re on the edge of parental burnout, it’s a good idea to reach out to your support system; your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and babysitters; people who are willing to take the kids for a bit or help you around the house.

When you do have someone else take the kids, use the time to rejuvenate yourself. Get some sleep, go to lunch with a friend, or have a fun date with your partner. Give yourself the chance to recuperate after a long cycle of going to work and parenting your children.

Find shortcuts

Working a tiring job and managing a household can be made easier with shortcuts. For example, shop in bulk so that you don’t have to go to the grocery store as frequently. Meal prep all the meals on the weekend to eliminate cooking throughout the week. Delegate tasks to your children to reduce your workload in the house. With shortcuts in place, life will be much more manageable and you would have more time for the family.

Being a working parent is a challenge, especially if your job is a physically demanding one. But with these tips, you can make life a little less difficult for both yourself and your family.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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