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Three Innovations That Revolutionized the Beauty Industry


It’s a well-known fact that beauty plays a critical role in our lives. If we think we look our best, then we start feeling our best, too. This is why so many of us seek different ways to improve our appearance on a daily basis. 

This need that we have to look and feel good has led to the continued success of the beauty and cosmetics industry. This year, it is valued at $532 billion, and we can only expect this number to continue rising in the coming years.

With that being said, the way the industry runs now is much different than how it used to. Thanks to modern technology, we have more innovations to use in our endeavor to improve our looks.


Hair loss is a problem that many people face daily, whether due to genetics, aging, or stress. Regardless of the reason behind it, hair loss used to be treated through scalp reduction surgery.

Now, people no longer have to go under the knife to treat their hair loss. Permanent makeup, or micropigmentation, enhances a person’s natural features by depositing pigments to the skin’s dermal layer. Aside from the scalp and hairline, this can be used in the eyebrows or lips, too. 

Like most procedures, it’s best to get micropigmentation done by trained professionals. In Las Vegas, there are facilities offering micropigmentation training to ensure not only quality work but also safety and hygiene.

Augmented Reality


Retail in the beauty and cosmetics industry, meanwhile, has been made more convenient by the presence of augmented reality (AR). Not to be confused with virtual reality (VR), which provides an immersive digital experience, AR is the technology used to implement digital elements in the modern world.

Retailers who use AR allow their customers to experience wearing various makeup products without actually touching the items. The customers just have to take a photo of themselves and then, choose products from the brand’s catalog. The magic will work right after.

It isn’t just retailers who benefit from AR, though. The jobs of dermatologists have also been made easy by this tech. Some companies have allowed dermatologists to measure their patient’s state of skin. After analysis, they will be able to detect characteristics of the skin like dark spots, dryness, and rosacea.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic surgery remains popular to this day. However, more clients have started trying less invasive methods referred to as modern non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

It takes less time to recover from non-surgical procedures than surgery. For example, people who acquire Botox can get it done within a few minutes since it only requires injection to their faces. These procedures also cause less discomfort during and after, unlike surgery.

Moreover, many non-surgical procedures are more affordable. Those who want to get cosmetic surgery done often have to shell out a lot of money since health insurance doesn’t cover the costs.

The presence of technology continues to make things easier for us. At the rate that it’s advancing, it wouldn’t be surprising if the innovations we wonder at now will be a thing of the past in the near future.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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