Feet Conditions: What They Are and How to Avoid Getting Them


People tend to neglect their feet the most. It’s the part of the body that take the most physical abuse. Walking alone can already impact it. For that, it’s susceptible to many conditions. Some conditions are easy to treat that even home remedies will do, but some are serious conditions that need medical attention real quick. Here are some of those:

Athlete’s Foot

Anyone who walks around barefoot in the shower, gym, and pool area can get Athlete’s Foot. The fungus that causes this condition thrives in moist areas. You can also get it if you like wearing closed shoes for a long time. This is an infectious disease that can spread to other areas like the hands and scalp. It’s also itchy and painful.

You can use powder to treat it as well as sprays and lotions from the drugstore. It’s important to keep the affected area dry all the time. You can also use anti-fungal for this.


Medical News Today said that tight shoes cause bunions. Hallux Valgus or bunion form at the side of the foot. You’ll feel tenderness and unable to move your big toe. Callus can form below your big toe and walking will be difficult. You’re more inclined to get it if you have a history of bunions in the family.

Rheumatoid arthritis and polio can also cause bunions. If you have it, seek bunion treatment in your Singapore neighbourhood. A podiatrist will examine your foot for treatment options.

Diabetes-related Foot Diseases

People with diabetes are prone to many foot conditions like diabetic neuropathy. The increased levels of blood sugar affect the nerves. The most common cause is diabetes, but smoking and drinking can also cause it. Diabetic neuropathy will cause tingling, numbness, and pain in the affected area. It’s important to watch out for signs of this condition. Accidents like cuts are bound to happen due to numbness. This is a serious condition because you can lose your toes or foot if you have it. Controlling blood sugar is the best option. Aside from that, you should always visit your doctor for foot exams. You should treat wounds fast and trim your toenails.

Sprained Ankle


Abnormal ankle rolling, twisting or turning will cause a sprain. There’s damage in the foot ligament when you have an ankle sprain. Some causes include weakness of the muscles and loose ligaments. You can also experience this when you put your foot down the wrong way. Wearing heels can also cause it.

The symptoms of an ankle sprain are swelling, pain, feeling there’s tearing on your foot or bruising. There are home remedies when trying to treat a sprain. If it isn’t severe, you can try resting your ankle or putting some ice pack on it. You can wrap your ankle with a bandage and elevate your ankle when resting. Your doctor may prescribe you with anti-inflammatory medicines. These can help with pain and inflammation and are non-steroidal.

Morton Neuroma

You can get this condition when two of your foot bones rub against each other. They squeeze the nerve in the middle when that happens. There will be an accumulation of non-cancerous tissues in the nerves. The third and fourth toes are common spots for this condition. It can develop when you stand or walk a long time.

To treat it, you must rest your foot. You should also replace your old shoes if it’s restricting foot movement. Doctors may prescribe cortisone injections or surgery if the case is severe.

How to Take Care of Your Feet

Do take care of your feet. The most basic way is to wash it often, especially if you’ve been outside. Keep it dry after washing and moisturise well. Trim your toenails regularly to prevent ingrown and choose the correct shoes. Wear different socks daily and don’t share personal items with others. You should also avoid walking barefoot and wearing heels a lot. Lastly, talk to a podiatrist if you suspect some foot problems. A podiatrist can help treat whatever foot condition you may have.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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