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Things to Avoid When Home Remodeling


Many homeowners think that taking renovation projects into their own hands could help them save on cash. While this may be true if done right, an ill-thought do-it-yourself home improvement could not only put a dent in your bank account, but it could also lead to a trip to the hospital.

Even basic tools such as screws, nails, and ladders could be a potential hazard to DIY-ers. Every year, falling off a ladder comprises over 200,000 emergency room visits, while almost 300 people are killed. Nails and screws are also deemed to be risky tools, causing almost 124,000 injuries each year.

Nonetheless, if you have already set your mind on DIY-ing your home renovation project, take time to consider several factors. A well-prepared and planned renovation is less likely to end up in disasters that are costly and life-threatening. Here are some of the things you need to avoid when doing a home renovation.

Things to Avoid in Home Renovation: The Don’ts

Do Not Assume You Know the Project

Just because you are good with tools doesn’t mean you have all the necessary skillset in doing your renovation project. Do your research and learn the step-by-step process in executing your work. It would not hurt as well to read the instructions of manufacturers. Remember that not all renovation projects are the same. There are several that require more expertise than others.

Do Not Enlist Help if They Have No Experience

The main reason for opting for a DIY home renovation boils down to saving money. Although you can enlist the help of friends and family members with house moving, cleaning, and other household tasks, it is not a good idea when it comes to home renovation. Help from inexperienced friends and family could lead to injuries, accidents, and costly damages to your home’s structure.

Do Not Assume You Would Not Go Over Budget

Although you have done thorough research on the materials, labor costs, and all other necessary expenses that come along with your home remodeling project, it never hurts to allocate money for unforeseen expenditures. A lot of renovation projects involve unplanned expenses, particularly when you are renovating an old house. You will see a lot of surprises including molds and electrical problems.

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Do Not Assume You Will Finish a Project Over a Weekend

Aside from your budget, your time allocation for the project should also not be underestimated. Although the majority of home improvement shows can complete projects within 2 to 3 days, be realistic on how long it will take you to finish the project. Take into account your level of experience, the tools you have, and if you have assistance in doing the job.

Do Not Skip Local Building Codes and Regulations

A lot of homeowners think that any construction and renovation they do at home does not need any permit or approval from the local government. However, depending on where you live, most towns and cities mandate that local building codes must be followed. Most often, projects that involve changes in the structural components, electrical, and plumbing would need permits.

Do Not Assume Your Contractor Knows What You Want

If you plan on hiring a contractor for some of the tasks in your home renovation project, remember that clear communication is the key to its success. Do not expect contractors to read your mind. You have to show them at least a sketch or a picture of what you want to achieve. Verbal explanations are not enough as they can be subjected to a different interpretation.

Do Not Risk the Safety of Your Family

DIY home renovation may be less expensive, but it could put your whole household at risk due to poor planning and preparation. If the project you plan on doing is beyond your skill set and requires some level of expertise, it is best to hire professionals for it. Jobs that involve plumbing or electricity are best left to professionals.

Do Not Start Right Away Until You Have All That You Need

Understandably, you want to start right away. However, it is much prudent to have all materials and equipment on hand before you start demolishing your bathroom wall and hammering down nails. If you are using specialized equipment, have them checked by a heavy equipment repair contractor to avoid any untimely delay to your project.

Do Not Get Excitement Over Your Head

It can be so easy to get lost in all the excitement of doing a major home renovation. But it is extremely crucial to keep yourself grounded and realistic when it comes to cost estimation and in landing the best contractor. Most often, projects would mean a bit of inconvenience for your entire household for several days, weeks, and even months.

Despite all these things to avoid when doing a home renovation project, keep in mind that you can achieve your dream home interior with the right planning and preparation.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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