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Thin Hair Problems: How Do You Create More Volume in Your Hair?


One hairstyle that will never go out of style? Bouncy, bombshell hair. But not everyone has a head full of hair as luscious and voluminous as Rapunzel’s and maintaining it can be challenging.

If, like plenty of women, you suffer from having limp locks, don’t worry. Your volume-challenged tresses can still look healthier and bouncier with the following quick and easy volumizing tricks:

1. Change your part

Chances are, your favorite place to part your hair is also where it likes to fall off naturally. The problem is your natural part is also where your hair lies the flattest, so volume is difficult to achieve. If you want to create instant volume on your crown, flip your part. You can do this when your hair is still wet so that it won’t look lopsided or do it with dry hair and hold the part by using light hairspray.

2. Tease your tresses

Hair teasing gets a bad rap because some people aggressively comb their hair back and end up with massive tangles. But, it is a proven old-school tactic that can instantly add volume to your locks and won’t harm them if done correctly. Simply pin the uppermost section of your hair then use a paddle brush to brush the remaining layers back, from the middle to the roots. Apply a light misting of hairspray to hold the teased tresses, cover with the upper layers, and your hair is good to go.

3. Add extensions

woman with hair extension

Limp hair is not a problem when you can instantly lift your locks with bouncy extensions. Professional hand-tied weft hair extensions don’t merely add length; they can add volume, too. Choose curly or wavy hair extensions, style your natural hair around them, and you’ll end up with voluminous tresses.

4. Sleep in a bun

If you’re always in a hurry every morning and you have no time to style your hair to bring it volume, do the styling while you’re sleeping! Twist your damp hair into a bun (or many) and secure the sections with bobby pins. When you wake up, your hair will have dried and left you with soft, volume-adding waves.

5. Give your hair some layers

Sometimes, the right hair cut is all it takes to give your hair the volume it lacks. If you have thin hair, don’t let it grow too long. When you cut it close to the edges of your face, it creates an impression of greater volume. Going for a multi-layered hairstyle with uneven fringes also gives a similar impression.

7. Add in some color

If you have thin tresses, hair color can be one of your best friends. If you have dark hair, for example, dyeing your hair with strategically placed highlights can create a contrast between your strands and scalp. The different tones can give your hair the impression of additional volume.

Creating and maintaining voluminous hair doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow the techniques above and be ready to show off your healthy, bouncy locks.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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