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The Staff Every Dental Clinic Needs


A dentist’s journey is lifelong, the road that they all trek on having no end. Instead, it continues, with new changes being added once they’ve experienced the previous ones, like passing the licensure exam. Most go on to become dental associates upon becoming licensed dentists.

After a few years of practicing dentistry, some dentists move on to their next goal: opening their own practice.

Say you find yourself in the same situation now. You’re likely craving either the independence or power that comes with running your own clinic. While starting your private practice means becoming independent, it doesn’t mean having to handle every aspect of your business alone.

Here are a few professionals you can trust to help you smoothly run your clinic.


The person that you hire as a receptionist is in charge of managing clerical work alongside the atmosphere of the clinic. They have to greet patients and set their schedules, pick up calls, answer any inquiries — all in a timely and respectful manner. He or she also needs to ensure the cleanliness of the reception area.

In some cases, you can also entrust them with accepting payments from patients after their sessions.

Procurement Manager

Dentists need two components to do their jobs well: a spotless clinic and high-quality equipment appropriate for the procedures that the dentists specialize in. Said equipment has to be high quality and sterilized before every procedure. An accomplished procurement manager can gather all the tools that the clinic needs.

After coordinating with suppliers, they also check the quality of all equipment that the clinic receives, like dental operating lights and intraoral cameras. If they aren’t working correctly, the procurement officer is once again in charge of contacting the supplier for replacement or refund.


accountant computing

Among the many aspects that can affect the organization of your clinic, the financial record is perhaps one of the most important. These records usually contain information regarding the cash flow and retained earnings of the clinic. It should also include balance sheets and tax returns.

Of course, keeping track of the data yourself is the best way to prevent any discrepancies. But any accountant worth their salt can do the same. They also make sure the taxes are filed and paid on time.

Dental Assistant

As their titles suggest, dental assistants are in charge of assisting the dentist in every procedure. Their job description includes but isn’t limited to guaranteeing the comfort of the patients, learning about the patients’ medical histories, providing and instructing post-op care to patients, and sterilizing the equipment needed for every procedure.

Dental assistants are usually aspiring dentists in training. Depending on the state, they may be required to pass an exam before taking on work as an assistant.

Delegating specific tasks to trustworthy and talented individuals will help increase the productivity rate of your clinic. Besides that, but it’ll also give you more time to focus on your reason behind being a dentist in the first place — delivering quality service to your would-be patients.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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