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The Care and Maintenance Advantages of Lash Extensions


Already a safe and effective procedure when done by professionals, eyelash extensions or Russian lashes are also remarkably long-lasting. They are also less of a hassle to care for compared with other forms of eyelash enhancement.

Whether long and fluttery or subtle yet spectacular, eyelashes are a surprisingly subtle yet noticeable feature in human anatomy. Enhancing the appearance of your eyebrows can add a much-needed accent to call attention to your eyes. The usual ways of enhancing your eyelashes, however, are—as anyone can attest—tedious and time-consuming. Curling eyebrows is rather tricky to do by yourself, and adding mascara or false lashes can be a groaning chore.

In recent years, lash extensions have become among the most popular beauty treatments by the fashion-conscious. These semi-permanent extensions, popularised by many a famous personality in Hollywood, are a low-maintenance alternative to false eyelashes and copious amounts of mascara. As a non-invasive beauty treatment, they provide people with immediate results without having to go under the knife.

The Procedure

Lash extensions involve attaching a variable number of false lash strands to the existing lashes, with more strands being added the shorter the lashes tend to be. The lash length can be as long or as short as desired, or as recommended by the specialist. Lashes come in a variety of shapes and lengths and can also be ordered either for the entire lash or just for the corners. Some types of synthetic lashes, known as Russian lashes, are extremely fine and can be applied to a greater volume than other types of synthetic lashes.

With the right training, a stylist can incorporate gorgeous super-fine Russian eyelash extensions relatively quickly. Although a lash extension procedure is far from a quick process—lasting up to two and a half hours—it is also remarkably relaxing. Don’t be surprised to sleep through the entire procedure or have some other thing (such as a manicure) done in between. The procedure is semi-permanent; it can last up to three or four months.

Easy Maintenance

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Most women find applying false eyelashes to be difficult work, as would using eyelash curlers to achieve that desired look. Lash extensions are remarkably easy to maintain in comparison, requiring only periodic re-application and minor touch-ups in between. Typically, they would need to set for about 24 hours after the procedure to properly stick.

To maintain their appearance, you would need to avoid oil-based beauty products, which can dissolve the bond between the extension and the natural lashes. Be extra careful in choosing cosmetics and choose an appropriately lash-safe alternative. Lashes would also need to be delicately combed every morning after waking.

The eyelash extensions would only need to be touched up to maintain their appearance, which is only between every three or four weeks, in keeping with the typical lifespan of an eyelash. With proper care, lash extensions may be beneficial toward eyelash health.

Safety Concerns

Despite their recent popularity, not a few people have expressed doubts about lash extensions due to the wariness of the glues used to fasten them. This is an unfounded worry for as long as one receives lash extensions from a seasoned stylist. Most modern stylists also forego toxic chemicals in the glue they use to attach the lash strands. Checking for any allergic responses to the adhesives used can also go a long way in avoiding adverse reactions to the eyelash glue. Always get a patch test before undergoing lash extensions.

Although the lashes are removable over time, it is often best to leave removing unwanted eyelash extensions professionally. On occasion, a beautician will offer a lash remover as needed. This will help prevent pain, injury, and damage.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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