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How People Can Tackle Signs of Aging


No one is exempt from aging. But, with free radicals and daily stressors everywhere we go, many people feel as if they are aging faster than they should. They would do anything to prevent those crow’s feet and smile lines from becoming permanent marks on their faces.

The immense pressure to look vibrant and youthful for the gram and, more importantly, in real life is undeniable. This shared concern, then, gives rise to the following trends to prevent the emergence of aging signs:

Procedures for Sagging Skin

Botox remains a popular anti-aging remedy because of its ease of application. This minimally invasive procedure owes its popularity to the short duration it takes to finish but, otherwise, its long-term results. For instance, a shot to the face could last as long as four months.

Although commonly injected to common problem spots on the face like the forehead, cheeks, lips, and jaw, its application goes vast as to include the armpits, hands, buttocks, scalp, and feet to address excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis in medical terms. Aside from its anti-aging and sweat-reducing benefits, Botox also helps achieve a skinnier appearance, particularly for the calves.

To add to cosmetic procedures for sagging facial skin is radio frequency (RF) therapy. An RF machine comes with a wand that estheticians use to massage the face in a lifting motion. But, many beauty experts would recommend the regular use of dermal rollers, most of which are made of natural quartz, jade, obsidian, or metal, to supplement the collagen-boosting effect of radiofrequency therapy.

For so long, the face-lifting procedure has been known as an effective solution to reverse facial aging. But, the idea of painfully cutting one’s skin to reform the facial muscles into their youthful form does not sit right with many people. This led to the development of procedures that could be painlessly accomplished with the help of local anesthesia.

One of these innovations is Polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift. This procedure is done by inserting ultra-thin threads into the area of concern with the help of cannulas. The placement of each thread piece is done strategically so it can be used to tighten loose skin. Taking a PDO thread training course would be a worthy experience as such a procedure could one-up your cosmetology salon over the others.

For Receding Hairline

Hair loss is another common sign of aging, especially for men. Millennials expressing a common sentiment against losing hair at a young age proves that the market for hair implantation could only be more promising. Apart from this procedure that involves grafting a portion of the scalp, health supplements remain a popular preventive solution to hair loss, with hair-strengthening biotin and multivitamins being common components.

Still, many prefer to go the natural route to hair care. They incorporate into their diet foods like fish, eggs, and leafy vegetables to keep their hair strands strong, lustrous, and elastic and their scalp moisturized and firm. If not, they maintain healthy hair care habits by not taking hot showers, for instance. Females, in particular, minimize styling with heat-emitting tools or avoid tying their hair too tight.

For Weight Loss-Related Signs

Drastic weight loss often causes signs similar to aging like sagging belly, bicep, and thigh skin. To this, aesthetic surgeons usually recommend a liposuction procedure initially to eliminate stubborn fat. After such, they would prescribe you to undergo repeated sessions of skin-tightening procedures like radiofrequency, intense pulsed light, or ultrasound therapies.

After a person loses weight, regularly getting full-body massages could benefit them more than relaxing their exhausted muscles. The constant pressure applied to the body’s contours also helps tighten their skin.


People, mostly those belonging to the female population, have become keener of the products they apply on their faces. Rather than patronizing a product for its anti-aging promise as it was advertised, they now take their time to research and compare different ingredients like retinoids, niacinamide, and vitamin C serums. Also, they would prefer to test-combine products until they achieve the optimal mix for their skin type.

Healthy Lifestyle

Although many people find it difficult to keep up with an active lifestyle, we know it is still the best way to stay healthy, especially now that there is an invisible health threat. We also do not discount the benefits of a healthy diet and moderate exercise to one’s ability to fight to age.

Although we must never judge someone solely for his appearance, it still has a heavy bearing because it indicates how well he manages himself and his health. Age is something you should not conceal, given the rich wisdom and experience you have earned through the years, but you need not physically show it.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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