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Surviving the Winter Without Increasing Your Bills


The last episode of Game of Thrones where the iconic line, “Winter is coming” became famous might have come to an end. But the cycle of seasons and the coming of winter for that matter is something that will continue.

Because of this, a lot of households are continuously looking for ways to lessen their heating expenses without compromising the quality of heat and comfort they receive in their homes.

Conduct repairs before the cold season starts

Having professionals in Kansas City install spray insulation in your home during summer or autumn is an investment you will enjoy during the winters. Home insulation is often one of the most common parts of a house which needs repair or even replacement but one which a lot of homeowners put off.

But in reality, having a well-insulated home is one of the first steps to reducing heating cost.

Turn the temperature down

It might sound ironic, but turning the temperatures down can help you be comfortable while at the same time put your heating costs at bay. Placing the temperature higher during the early parts of the morning when everyone is up to start their day, and setting it lower when people will begin to sleep and will be tucked in their beds and blankets.

The lower the temperature, the lesser power your heater consumes, which means smaller bills.

Dress warm inside the house

Turning your room temperature to 18 degrees can still be cold for some people. However, studies show that this is the ideal temperature if you want to find the balance between your comfort and your bills. Wearing a layer of clothing can help do the trick.

Covering your head with a hat, and wearing socks and warms slippers inside the house can also keep you warm.

Increase your body temperature

woman drinking coffee in bedBecause the right temperature is relative from one person to another, finding ways to increase your own body temperature is also helpful. Soaking in a warm bath for a couple of minutes, drinking hot tea or coffee, or having a bowl of warm soup for dinner can definitely increase your body temperature.

The warmer your body is, the less room temperature you would need to feel comfortable.

Check your doors and windows

Your doors and windows play a significant role in keeping your home warm. A small gap in your door can jeopardize the warm temperature inside your home. Thus, checking your doors and windows for gaps and leaks is always a must. If you find one, immediate repairs should be done.

Otherwise, some band-aid solutions can be made to help contain the heat inside your space to prevent increased power consumption from your heating system.

Feeling comfortable in the middle of the winter season might be difficult, but it certainly is not impossible. Being observant with the repairs and hacks that your home might benefit from, as well as means to keep your body warm can are the secret to keep your power bills at a reasonable price.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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