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Premature Ageing Prevention: Keeping the Scalp Looking and Feeling Young


Skin ages prematurely when overexposed to the rigours of the elements. With the proper amount of care and a little finesse, you can help prevent premature ageing and let your scalp retain its youthful vigour and appearance for longer.

The march of time is unstoppable, and eventually, your scalp’s needs will change as you approach your golden years. Much like the rest of the body, however, providing your scalp with the care that it needs will sustain its youthful vigour and appearance for much and allow it to age much more slowly and gracefully. Likewise, for those approaching middle age, taking the proactive steps to take care of their scalp can help arrest the onset of premature signs of aging.

Good scalp habits and the ingredients of appropriate luxury hair care products would contribute to the longstanding health of the scalp. In addition, avoiding and effectively managing chronic stress can help women delay the onset of greying hair.

Premature Aging

The skin gradually ages over time, given the rigors experienced by the body as it endures everyday life. Most people are aware that, without adequate care, skin ages rapidly and prematurely. Many outward forms of skin aging are now known to be caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation from the Sun, coupled with the drying out that comes with exposure to arid environments.  Over time, skin loses more of its collagen and more of its cells get damaged.

Although people tend to pick up on the damage as seen in the face and other parts of the skin, they often would not observe the same damage happening to the scalp. Unlike how they would respond to these signs of damage on their faces, most people would This, coupled with everyday stress, can cause the skin in one’s scalp to age prematurely at a much faster rate than the rest of the body.

Other factors

At one point, these stressors would eventually contribute to greying, wherein the hair follicles begin to lose their melanin-producing cells (melanocytes) and leave them with progressively greyer and greyer hair. Once hair stars growing grey, it can no longer be halted, though proper treatment can cause it to be delayed.

Another major contributor to poor scalp health and premature greying in women are hormonal shifts, which affect the production of sebum, an oil responsible for keeping the skin moist. As women’s hormonal balances shift, the production of sebum in the scalp is gradually reduced. This can lead to a variety of problems tied to dry skin, including the spread of dandruff.

Addressing the Issues

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As with most skin and hair issues, diet and lifestyle choices play a role in helping low the process of aging. Ample stress management and consuming balanced meals rich in folic acid can help keep the skin and hair follicles from succumbing to environmental stresses.

Hair care products play an important role in addressing the problems of dry scalps and premature greying. Specific shampoo formulations, for instance, would not only help moisturize the scalp but also add antioxidants, which can go a long way in protecting dormant melanocytes beneath.

For many, merely dyeing or highlighting the hair would work well to cover the few isolated grey spots, though one must be careful to avoid colouring in spots where the presence of dyes or highlights would look inauthentic, such as the hairline or part.  Over time, however, one might need to choose between covering up greying hair or owning a more distinguished silvered look. Those choosing to slowly ease into the silver look should pay careful attention to the tone their hair takes as it greys out.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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