Stress Management: Avoiding the Negative Effects of Stress in Your Daily Life


One thing’s for certain; stress kills productivity. Worse, stress left to its own devices can lead to death. It may surprise you to know that stress actually kills thousands of Americans every year. Reports pointed out that workplace anxiety has led to 1 0,000 deaths with healthcare costs racking up to $190 billion annually.

How does it happen? The study was done by no less than Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and Harvard Business School. It showed that employment-related anxiety kills more people than diabetes each year. This only further emphasizes that not being able to handle stress well can have dire consequences.

But that’s not all. No, sir. Stress can also lead to tons of health complications. Top of that list is heart disease and asthma. So not only does stress make you feel negative emotions, but it can also affect your physical condition. Learning to handle stress well can go a long way to healthy living.

Thankfully, stress is not invincible. With proven and tested steps, you should be able to put the effects of stress to the barest minimum. And in the process, you enjoy the best things life can offer you.

Relaxing Your Body

Take note that there are myriad ways to relax. While there are distinct ways to relax the mind and ways to relax the body, each way to relax should benefit both mind and body as interconnected as both are. Thus, you should not be surprised if relaxation exercises work for both the mind and body.

When your mind is stressed, your work performance could dip. Your mind’s ability to think out of the box can be severely undermined. A good way to handle stress while working is to take a break. Doing so methodically can go a long way to get your productivity back up.

Alternatively, a proven way to calm down and relax is to do yoga. You can do it regularly in a class or let an app or video guide you at home. The important thing is to put your yoga session in your schedule. And consider the time as non-negotiable.

Then there’s progressive muscle relaxation. Simply put, this technique involves tensing then relaxing core muscle groups. It’s so effective that you can use this to overcome sleep issues. When your muscles are relaxed, falling asleep should be a cinch.

Additionally, getting a massage also works wonders in lowering your stress. If you’re in the office, having an office mate give you a back rub would be nice.

But to get the best benefits of massage, getting technologically advanced equipment could be spot on. A fine example is Osim’s massage chair. With decades of experience in massage chairs, this brand can help you maximize the benefits of massage without having to rely on in-person therapists. In short, you can get your massage at home, or just about any place you deem fit.

Taking regular walks in nature can also boost your mood. If you’re out in a bar or a restaurant, drinking a warm glass of milk or herbal tea can be just the drink you need to handle stress. Word of caution: nix booze or coffee.

Relaxing Your Mind

listening to music

Taking slow, deep breaths can be a great way to relax your mind. In addition, you can also explore a slew of breathing exercises to lower the negative effects of stress.

If you’re at home, soaking yourself in a bathtub of warm water is wise. Also, listening to music can soothe your senses like no other. Music, by itself, has healing properties. The case of how Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was shot in the head by a deranged gunman recovered with the help of music should be enlightening. Little by little, by constantly listening to music, the legislator was able to recover and get back her lost voice.

Another method to explore is practicing mindful meditation. The immediate goal of doing a mindful meditation is to focus your mind on things that are current and happening in the very present moment. It’s a technique that has enjoyed great success. As you sit still for hours on end, mindful meditation is often called the practice of “sitting with your thoughts”.

If you are feeling tense and stressed out, another practice that could help you overcome is writing. The act of writing is a prolific mood booster. It calms your mind. Small wonder why the best writers can write for hours on end without being disturbed.

Last but not least, try guided imagery. It’s transporting your mind to a place you know can calm you. The exercise can be accentuated by audiotapes for better imagery. Or you can have a teacher guide you. It really doesn’t matter what method is best for your nerves. The results should speak for themselves.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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