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Sports Fashion: Ensuring Safety Without Compromising Style


Winter is coming and along with it comes many opportunities to enjoy extreme activities you’d only have the chance of doing in this season. And while skiing big slopes or even simply exploring winter wonderlands often mean bundling yourself up to stay warm and safe, there are also fashionable wardrobe alternatives to choose from.

With these seven sleek winter sports gear, ensuring your safety without compromising your style is now possible:

  • Giro Union Multi-Directional Impact Protection System Helmet

    The Giro Union MIPS Helmet is perfect for keeping your head safe and warm while also helping you look extra suave.Its adjustable venting system and thermostat controls make it easier for you to customize the airflow you prefer with a single button. And with its matte exterior, you won’t have to look like a sore thumb with a shiny head. There are also many color options for you to style with your whole getup. You can choose from black, charcoal, light gray, bright orange, or the combinations of midnight and black, and graphite and red. But most importantly, it doesn’t only take care of your looks but also your scent. With its anti-odor padding, $160.99 is surely a great deal.

  • Lululemon Down for It All Vest

    This vest goes well with any inner clothing you wear. Its slim-fit design helps accentuate your body’s features. It’s also made of feathers, nylon, and polyester so, you know that it’s really light and perfect for mobility.Since the vest is designed for running, it has reflective details that will keep you visually present at all times. It even has hidden-phone sleeves so you can always get your GPS on and never get lost. And with its PrimaLoft insulation, water-resistant technology, and windproof engineering, it’s truly a catch at only $148.

    The available colors for this product are black blue nile, pink mist, red merlot, everglade green, and clementine. See? Even the names of the colors are fabulous.

  • Black Diamond Mission Shell Jacket

    As the name suggests, it should be your mission to get your hands on this jacket asap. For $649.95, this weatherproof jacket is an investment everyone is falling in line for. With a three-layered Gore-Tex hardshell, your upper body will be protected even in the wettest and harshest weather. And even as it keeps your torso safe from blizzards, it still boasts a breathable design that most heavy and protective winter gears don’t have.What’s even better is that although most ski jackets look and feel bulky, Black Diamond’s stylish apparel doesn’t look the same. With amber, azurite, black, and red oxide color schemes, the Mission Shell Jacket embodies the voguish and sleek look of minimalist designs.

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  • Cevapro -30℉ Touchscreen Running Gloves

    Having winter gloves is always a must if you don’t want your fingers freezing off. But the most common problem almost everyone faces is the gloves’ impact on dexterity. Cevapro fixes that with this $19.99 pair of lightweight 3M insulated gloves. They’re water-resistant, which is a big plus. And since they are form-fitting, there’s no excess bulk that might hinder your hand and finger dexterity. And to top it all off, the gloves even have a faux-leather palm and finger touchscreen-compatible patches that can help you take selfies in the tundra with ease.

  • Kari Traa Lokke Pants

    These chic tights are surprisingly sold cheaply at $77. It’s surprising because the 100% merino wool fabric that it uses ensures optimal insulation, comfortably soft texture, skin breathability, and odor resistance. And with jacquard-knitted waistbands and tribal Nordic accents from the calf area downwards, this masterpiece should be valued more.The Lokke Pants come in four colors, namely pale, cloud, white, and naval.

  • Airblaster Women’s Hot Bib Pants

    Airblaster’s winter overalls boast a classic ’90s-inspired style. You can go with black, navy, and blush if you prefer plain colors with quilted knee and chest patches for maximum style. Or you can go a little funkier with printed designs like lavender daisy and rust daisy. Whichever you choose, you will still enjoy a 15k waterproof elegant onesie with 10k breathability through its mesh-lined inner-leg vents, stretch canvas lower body, and elastic lower leg gaiters. And for $249.95, that is a done deal.

  • Ororo Heated Socks

    This pair of heated socks can be seen as a luxurious investment. But then again, your comfort is worth every dime. And with the sleek contemporary design complementing its black, gray, and orange palettes, it will definitely make you look good in an instant.But more than that, this $79.99 pair of socks offer better blood circulation along with its heating features with its heat zone located on the sole of your foot. You can also choose from three heating levels with a simple press of a button. The battery life is also not to be messed with since it can last up to 10 hours per charge. And most importantly, unlike other heated socks, this one is designed to wrap the heating mechanism with ultra-thin silica rubber to keep you protected from shock even with maximum moisture or wetness.

    Lastly, since it uses COOLMAX fabric, it is anti-stretch and machine washable, as long as you take out the batteries.

Remember that even as you prioritize your comfort and safety during any winter activities, there will always be ways to ensure that your style and fashion aren’t sacrificed.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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