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Refreshing or Unpleasant? Why Some People Dislike Drinking Water


Experts recommend that, for optimum health, everyone should drink at least eight glasses of water every day. The body is made of approximately 60 to 70 percent water, and drinking water is essential to maintain regular bodily functions — from maintaining a healthy weight to flushing out the toxins from your system.

Without water, your different organs and tissues fail to work as they should. Dehydration is very dangerous, and it can lead to life-threatening complications. If left unaddressed, dehydration can cause shock and death.

The body constantly releases moisture either by sweating, urination, and breathing, or speaking. Throughout the day, you constantly lose water and, therefore, you need to replenish it by drinking.

Despite the risks, almost 80 percent of American workers admit that they do not drink enough water every day.

The most common reason why adults do not drink water is the absence of thirst. They simply did not feel like they wanted or needed to consume fluid at the time. Others, meanwhile, do not drink water, but they get hydration from another type of beverage. Many also claim that they do not have the time to get water, so they simply do not drink.

Nearly a quarter of those surveyed said that they do not drink enough water because they do not like the taste of it.

Does Water Have Taste?

Most people would claim that water does not taste like anything. It is bland and flavorless. However, it does have taste and the taste changes based on certain factors.

The water that comes out of the tap is not pure H2O. There are minerals that are dissolved in water. These minerals often lend their taste to the water. The minerals in the water are naturally-occurring such as calcium, phosphorus, and sodium.

The source of the water can also have an influence on the taste, too. The taste of tap water can change due to the type and age of pipe used. Any unusual change in taste can be a sign that you need to call a reliable plumbing contractor to check if there is something amiss.

Meanwhile, well water can still have high concentrations of minerals from the soil that can alter its taste.

It is normal to notice that the taste of water is different depending on where you are. If you have been used to drinking tap water from your home, you might not like the taste of the tap water flowing at your office. Moving from one state to the other, you would also notice a difference in the taste of tap water. A recent poll revealed that California has the best-tasting tap water across the United States.

If You Do Not Like Water?

But even if you do not like the taste of water, you still have to drink enough to survive. You cannot constantly rely on drinking soda and juices, either, which, although can hydrate you, are brimming with sugars that will increase your risk of obesity and type-2 diabetes.

There are fortunately ways to make water taste less like water.

Water is very versatile. It can be flavored naturally, without refined sugars. You can, for example, squeeze a little lemon or lime into a glass of water to improve taste and a bit of vitamin C. You can also let slices of strawberries, mint, ginger, cucumber, and other fruits and herbs steep in the water for several hours for a refreshing but flavorful drink.

While cups of tea and coffee are considered when counting your daily water intake, they are not ideal for hydration. Both of these beverages are diuretics which means you will pee a lot more.

Experts also recommend drinking sparkling water, especially those who like to consume sodas. Carbonation, the process that makes the liquid bubbly, may make drinking water without added refined sugars more palatable.

If sparkling water is not enough, add flavored ice cubes with fruit juices, fruit slices, or herbs. It will make drinking water more pleasurable.

Sugarless water flavorings that come in packets are also options, but natural additives are still better and healthier. Save these for when you are in a hurry and have no time to prepare a drink according to your liking.

Finally, there are also water pitchers that come with carbon filters to remove odor and taste from water.

Water is crucial for survival. You can survive up to two months without food. However, you only have a week to three weeks if you do not have access to water. Despite the health risks of not drinking enough water, some people do not enjoy the taste of it. There are ways to alter the taste of water without adding refined sugar.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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