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The world of social media waits for no one – it’s time to keep up!


If you have a dental practice and want to promote your business, you may not have the time to do it yourself. Your practice manager may enjoy using social media for personal use, but implementing a marketing strategy could be a step too far beyond the job description. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up on using social media, as social media for dentists is a really great way to reach potential patients and convert them to new patients for your practice.

Why should I use social media to promote my dental practice?

If you choose a reputable marketing company, they should offer social media marketing that includes them creating and planning the content for you, taking the workload off your shoulders and giving you more time to concentrate on treating patients. The content should be personalised reflecting you and your dental practice, providing educational and entertaining content that patients need to keep them interested in looking at your pages on social media. Encouraging them to share your posts far and wide, reaching more people!

Any marketing company worth its salt will tell you that video posts are really important on social media. They are captivating and typically achieve 80% more engagement than content that isn’t multimodal. Having graphics that are personalised to your dental practice is also crucial in enabling potential patients and current ones to engage with you. The creation of videos should be part of the service and tailored to your practice’s marketing needs. A marketing company should have a strategy to achieve this.

While you’re looking for your dental practice to be promoted, you will also want this to be compliant with AHPRA policy. A marketing company should offer the guarantee that the work you pay them for is compliant. In order to learn whether or not the marketing strategy is working, you should expect monthly reports detailing what has been achieved – the proof is in the pudding – sugar-free, of course!

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Top tip

While a marketing company can promise great things, it is also worth engaging a company that can produce social media for you and then be contactable when you wish to discuss making changes or have questions about what is happening. While this may not seem necessary at the start, you may find that there are things that you wish to discuss, so making sure that the company you choose to help you with your social media is approachable and friendly is certainly a smart move. Get assurances about what happens when you want to discuss issues, before you choose the team for you!

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Once you have found the right dental marketing services, you should look forward to having a wonderful social media presence, without you having to do a thing. Remember, social media can be addictive, so watch out for spending too much time looking at how beautiful your social media is – it’s just a friendly warning! You can feel like a social media mogul without the workload and count the likes coming in, and the patients!

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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