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Soap Bars: Not All Are Made to Be Equals


If you are a picky shopper such as myself, chances are, you would spend a ridiculous amount of time reading product labels to check whether the product you are buying is worth your buck. And if you like taking it up a notch (which I usually would), you like doing your research, googling for reviews and reading articles about specific products just to gauge whether you are truly reaping the benefits that the brand has promised to deliver.

The millennial consumer thinks twice before taking a product off the rack or purchasing them online. They are well-informed, knowledgeable and mindful about the things that they buy.  While there are never-ending choices that are available to us, we usually zero in on products that has proven results. But more than that, technology has dramatically increased awareness among consumers such that brands have become more transparent when it comes to justifying the products that they produce are ethical, sustainable and more importantly, “good” for the consumer.

Herbal bath soaps are making a comeback

This is one of the reasons why organic and all-natural products have become increasingly popular over the years. The mindful millennial no longer tolerates chemicals, artificial coloring and other harmful ingredients in products that they consume. Additives in products have become a no-no as consumers begin to shift towards a more “natural way of life”. This is also the reason why organic, herbal and handmade bath soaps are quickly becoming a cult. Not only are these herbal bars ethically produced, but there are countless benefits that one can reap in adopting this mindful mindset when it comes to the way we choose our skincare products.

Benefits of using herbal bath soap

Nature has provided us with countless gifts. Fruits and vegetables boost our immune system and improve our overall well-being. Flowers and plants are used as medicine, and the best skin care remedies are always found in nature. So why do we still tolerate chemicals in our products? It has become commercially available and acceptable for products to be mixed with chemicals because it is cheaper. However, the long term benefits of using natural products will always outweigh the costs compared to using chemically-infused alternatives. Below is a list of the benefits of using herbal products, particularly herbal bath soaps over your regular bath soaps:

Essential oils

A lot of people have an allergic reaction to its synthetic counterparts and do not even realize it. These allergies can take the form of dry skin, flakiness or redness. Natural bath soaps contain essential oils that have therapeutic benefits. These essential oils are rich antioxidants, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. By using herbal soaps, you are avoiding the long-term risks of lathering your body with chemicals which makes your skin age faster and inhibits its natural renewal process. Switching to herbal alternatives not only nourishes the skin but inhaling the herbal soaps’ natural fragrance also soothes the mind. Using herbal soaps is not only good for the skin, but it is also a stress buster because of its aromatic properties.

It is better for the environment

The chemicals found in commercial soaps eventually find their way into our ecosystem. Not only is it bad for our skin but it also affects the environment. Most of the commercial soaps we use contain parabens which are dangerous not only to our immune system but also to other animals. Even as we wash it off our bodies, it goes down our drains, eventually finding its way back to the ocean. Recent studies have shown that parabens and their byproducts have been affecting dolphins and other marine animals. Opting to use herbal soaps makes you kinder to yourself, the environment and other creatures as well.

Supporting local farmers

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Most ingredients found in herbal soaps are locally sourced. Some handcrafted soap brands even grow their ingredients in their backyard. Supporting the herbal soap industry also means supporting your local farmers.

Not all soap bars are created equal. Set the bar high for yourself and the people that you love by opting for more loving and mindful choices starting by switching to natural products and a natural way of life.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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