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Simple Everyday Tasks That Your Senior Loved One Needs Assistance to Do


As you grow older, your muscles and joints lose the strength and flexibility you once enjoyed. In addition, you may develop illnesses that may prevent you from doing day-to-day tasks.

A study found that nearly 18 million older adults (aged 65 and above) in 2014 required some form of assistance to perform routine activities. They usually have a family member, a friend, or hired aid from personal caregiver services around to help them out.

Here are some everyday tasks that seniors may struggle with:


When you clean your house, you often have to bend down to pick up clutter and stretch your arms to reach items on cupboards. For a senior, these movements can be painful and even cause an injury.

Many Americans insist on remaining at home in their old age. They want to be independent for as long as possible. However, chores can be a burden. Doing the laundry, for example, is challenging. Wet blankets get heavy and water accidentally spilled to the floor can cause slips and falls. In addition, many washing machines are kept in basements. A senior has to navigate stairs in the dark to get to the appliance. It is a risk to their safety.

Cleaning, too, can be exhausting. Using the vacuum or mop to clean the floor may be too much work and may even be painful. Hiring a housekeeper to come into their home once a week can lift

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Food Shopping and Cooking

The elderly need to eat a balanced diet in order to remain strong and to avoid illnesses. However, issues in mobility can make being healthy a challenge.

One, they have to go to a grocery store. Even for seniors who own a car and can still drive may find it difficult to shop for food. Paper bags can be heavy and the task involves a lot of walking around every item they need.

Another issue is cooking itself. Meal prepping alone can be tiring. Most of them also have dietary restrictions that they might not always remember or may be difficult to maintain.

Taking Medication

Many seniors have to take a cocktail of medicines multiple times a day to manage symptoms of a medical condition or to remain healthy. They might need a device to remind them to take their medicine at a specific time. They may also need a companion to administer medicine, especially if it is injected.

Personal Care

Even going to the bathroom to take a bath or brush their teeth can be an issue for older adults. If you notice that your loved one can no longer maintain proper hygiene, you may need to hire a caretaker to assist them. The caretaker can dress them up, bathe them, support them when they go to the bathroom, and aid them with other grooming necessities.

You also should make changes in their bathroom to make it more senior-friendly. Switch the tub with its walk-in version and install some grab bars around the shower. Add anti-slip mats on the floor where water may spill.

Seniors want to live independently. However, at some point, their physical condition will prevent them from doing some of their household chores and personal responsibilities. Helping them out in simple tasks will decrease their risk of suffering an injury and may improve their overall quality of life.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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