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See You in That Wedding Dress: Choosing the Right Wedding Dress For Your Body Type


Here comes the bride! And she looks gorgeous in that wedding dress! You know those are just one of the few words that you are going to hear on your wedding day. After all, you do not get married every day, so everything on that day would be grand and luxurious.

Everyone from your and your spouse’s side of the family would be there to witness such a special day, and it is inevitable that they will notice things apart from the food, of course. All your loved ones will also anticipate the bride’s arrival and more importantly, your wedding dress.

Well, of course, choosing the right wedding dress for you will not only be important to please the people around you but for your sake as well. Being prepared beforehand and selecting the right wedding dress for you is an utmost priority.

Know Your Body Type

While wedding dresses in movies (and yes in real life) all look gorgeous and dashing, it is important that you are comfortable wearing it first above anything else. After all, comfort trumps style. You need to be able to move freely and comfortably in your wedding dress and not sacrifice anything for the sake of the design.

To be able to do this, of course, you need to define your body type. No one knows your body more than you do, so you would know which dresses to pick for yourself. Whether you have a straight or athletic type, a pear body type or an hourglass one, the decision is still up to you on which types of dress would be the best choice for you.

Empire Wedding Dress Design

The ‘Empire’ wedding dress design is a type of wedding silhouette that has a soft and flowing skirt at the bottom with a high-waist that hugs your upper torso which combines perfectly to become a simple yet stylish bridal look.

This type of wedding dresses are best chosen for people with an athletic figure, and could also hug the figures of those with wider hips, and could be a second best option for girls with much wider hips. Just make sure it looks pristine and have cleaning services for wedding dresses take a look at it.

Avoid Choosing Dresses That Could Possibly Overshadow Your Frame

This is an advice for petite girls to avoid choosing dresses that could overwhelm their small frame and built. The best option for them is to choose dresses with airy sheaths and avoid going for dresses with flowy, frothy, and ball gowns that are too big.

Substantial straps on dresses with a plunging neckline catches the attention of the viewers’ eye upward and elongates your frame even more.

A-Line Wedding Dress Silhouette

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This type of dress features a tight bodice that gently flows to the ground that creates a classic and continuous silhouette. This type of dress is perfect for ladies with a pear-shaped body type and inverted triangle shaped figures to balance out the exposure of the shoulders and hips and result in a curvier outcome.

While planning a wedding could be really stressful, it is important that you will be prepared for the chaos during that day, and that includes preparing your spouse’s coat, and avail wedding dress cleaning beforehand to avoid an episode of the movie, Bachelorette.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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