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Rites of Passage All Children Should Experience


With the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re probably worried about your kids having a full childhood experience. How could they if the schools are closed? They couldn’t bond with kids their own age if they’re encouraged to go to the playground. They couldn’t make more friends if they’re discouraged from leaving the house at all. What happens instead is that they just lounge on the couch and stare at screens all day.

Your priority right now is to remain safe from the coronavirus. Then you have to make sure that they’re getting quality education even if it’s through the internet only. You have to be there when they get confused and have questions. But you also have to ensure that they have enough time and energy for play.

It’s up to you as the parent to make sure that they enjoy the early years of their lives. Your role is more than just making sure that there’s always food on the table, and a roof over their heads. You also have to be present to them. Make them feel less alone. Make sure they’re happy. So here are some key childhood experiences that all kids should experience, and how you can do it with them while still remaining safe from the virus.

Playing in the Rain

This activity is always discouraged. It is, after all, bad for the health. Kids could catch a cold. But if you make sure they’re careful, then this could just be a fun experience for them. It would be something they’d look back to when they grow up.

So the next time there’s some rain, you and your children should don your bright-colored raincoats and boots. Go out and splash some water at each other. With solutions such as Civilcast sewage systems working properly, you won’t have to worry about floods.

This activity is relatively safe from COVID-19 because you and your children won’t be interacting with strangers. The activity after playing in the rain is also a fun one for the family. After having a warm bath, you and your children could wear your coziest sweaters, curl up by the fireplace, and sip hot chocolate.

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Meeting Santa Claus

Santa Claus is often a point of debate amongst parents. Some believe that they shouldn’t lie to their children about the existence of Santa Claus. It makes sense because it could lead to their children’s heartbreak when they find out that he never existed at all.

But then other parents believe that it’s okay for their kids to think that Santa is real. The whole point of Santa is letting children have the opportunity to express their wishes for Christmas. It gives them something to be hopeful about, something to look forward to. More importantly, it gives them something to work hard for. This is because people in Santa’s costume would often ask kids to behave, help their parents, and to be kind. He would tell them things like, “If you do your homework on time, Santa will give you the new train set you want on Christmas.” He promotes good behavior.

But with the pandemic, it’s not advisable to bring your children to crowded malls to meet Santa. So what you can do is rent or buy a costume and meet your children as Santa.

Playing on the Beach

Traveling is not advisable right now. It’s even still banned in some locations. This is a bit tragic because traveling is beneficial to your children. It shows them how vast the world can be. It taps into their adventurous and curious traits.

But what you can do right now is go on a road trip. And going to the beach is always a fun affair. All children should experience building castles and other structures with sand. They should all experience the crisp, fresh air on the beach. They all should feel the warm sunlight on their skin. Going to a beach will give them some away from the city or the suburbs. After spending months in quarantine at home, you all deserve to have a break from it.

To enjoy a nice, relaxing day at the beach, going on a road trip is more advisable than flying. Then when you get there, just make sure that your family distances yourselves from other beach-goers.

The pandemic challenges you as a parent. It influenced family dynamics at home. All of a sudden, people are more reliant on technology. Everyone stares at screens all day. It’s understandable because, while staying at home, the internet is their only access to the outside world. But your children shouldn’t spend too much time on it. You have to make sure that they get to enjoy some childhood experiences.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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