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Professional Techniques for Cleaning Upholstery


Comfort is currently among the defining elements of interior design. One of the best ways to incorporate this into your property is through the use of upholstery. This is soft padding generally found on sofas, chairs, and headboards. While it looks exceptional when matched with different interior décor elements, keeping your upholstery stain-free is challenging.

Most online articles will advocate the use of different homemade solutions and bicarbonate soda, followed by vacuuming for clean and fresh-smelling upholstery. While it initially seems inexpensive, these DIY measures are not only ineffective but might also destroy your carpets and upholstery. Most of the solutions recommended for DIYers also leave harmful particles suspended in your interiors. Your best choice for sparkling clean upholstery with safe techniques lies in professional cleaning. Here are the typical methods used for this cleaning. In some cases, however, deep stains may require professional pet urine removal services in West Jordan and other places.

Steam Heat Extraction

This gets rid of the dirt and particles on your chairs’ and headboards’ surfaces using water under high temperatures. Steam heat extraction will altogether get rid of the excess moisture used for cleaning, thus leaving you with dry upholstery. This way, the threat of your sofas and headboards shrinking because of excess moisture will be reduced, and they can be cleaned in a few hours. Steam heat extraction is one of the inexpensive cleaning methods for upholstery but will not get rid of deeply embedded dirt.

Carbonation Cleaning

In this eco-friendly alternative, carbonating cleaning agents with an effervescence effect are used. Only a small quantity of the cleaning solution will be used in this instance, and minimal water is needed for the clean. The carbonating bubbles generated when the solution is agitated will sink into your upholstery and bring up dirt to the surface from whence it is wiped. Carbonation cleaning takes 4-6 hours, depending on the extent of dirt and surface area of the item being cleaned. It also produces a protective film on your upholstery to prevent the future buildup of grime.

Foam Cleaning

With this option, a foam solution will be manually applied to your upholstery then worked into its stains. The solution rests for some time before it is vacuum cleaned. The foam solution amount being used can be controlled according to the depth of the stains. To this end, there is minimal risk of your upholstery being damaged by moisture.

Dry Cleaning

dry cleaning

This process works a lot like foam cleaning but does not use water. A chemical solution is sprinkled on upholstery then scrubbed into the stains. The powder will then be vacuumed. There is no downtime in dry cleaning, and the method can be safely used on wood because there is no moisture used.

Dirty upholstery will dampen the exceptional décor you put together. The above professional techniques are the ideal options to keep your upholstery and overall interiors clean and guarantee the durability of your upholstered pieces. They also leave you with healthy interiors for human and pet occupation because they get rid of agents that cause allergic flare-ups.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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