Preventing Wedding Disasters: 4 Things You Can Do to Avoid Them


Wedding is undeniably one of life’s most beautiful moments. It is a wonderful celebration of a couple’s long-lasting love and commitment to each other. This is why when they’re given a chance to plan and celebrate it, they wish for nothing but make this event memorable. This, however, is easier said than done.

Planning a wedding, big or small, can be quite a task. Many would even compare it to having a full-time job. With the number of tasks and responsibilities involved, it may look like it. Because of this, couples would easily find themselves getting lost in the process. As a result, they get too stressed out to even enjoy this important milestone in their lives.

That’s why they’ll willingly do everything to avoid glitches and troubles on their special day. Luckily, there are ways to prevent hassles from happening. Below are some of them.

Confirm Guest Attendance Weeks Before

Avoid over or under booking by getting the exact number of the confirmed guests. It’s also recommended to have extra tables and food in case the attendees go slightly beyond the expected guests. But, it’s still advisable to require the guests’ confirmation. It’s also smart to indicate in the invitation if the guests are allowed to bring their plus one. This is a great way to limit the guests and keep the number under control.

Ensure the Dress and Whole Ensemble Fits


The dress is what makes every bride the star of the event. For many brides-to-be, picking the perfect wedding gowns in Provo is the most exciting part of the preparations. However, this may also cause indecision for most of them. Many would focus on the design which may result in constant changes or alterations. Because of this, they tend to forget about getting the right measurements. It is only until the day itself would they realize to fix the fitting.

It shouldn’t work that way. The measurement including the design must be completed weeks before so that during fitting, no problems will arise.

Double Check Every Detail and Setup

Once all the items on the to-do list are ticked off, it’s better to double-check them. Don’t be too confident that everything is finished. It’s better to inspect and review them again. This is a great way to ensure that nothing is missing. Having a fresh and new pair of eyes looking through everything is also a good idea. This way, couples will not only rely on what they’ve finished. It will help them point out whether they missed anything.

Keep Calm & Don’t Let Stress Get to You

Feeling a rush of emotions including stress during this special day is normal. Unexpected things may happen. No one has control over those, but in case some sort of trouble arises, it’s better to stay calm. This will you to handle everything with ease. Being stressed would do more harm than good so maintain a chill and cool composure.

Marrying the person you can vow to love forever doesn’t happen every day. When it does, be sure to make it count. Don’t let any conflict or problem ruin the moment. One good way to do that is to follow the steps above. These things can help couples handle the situation as well as prevent any hassles during this wonderful occasion. Be sure to keep these things in mind for an unforgettable and wonderful reunion of two beautiful souls.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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