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Pointers for Recognising and Acknowledging Your Kids’ Strengths


All kids have different talents and strengths. Some kids are good at maths, while others seem to be born to become an athlete. Whatever other kids’ skills are, do your best not to compare your kids with them. Because indeed, your kids have strengths, too. It is your duty as a parent to identify these strengths and help your kids make the most of them. Doing this will also help your kids to become confident.

While there many different categories of strengths, these can be practically divided into social, abstract, language, and others. At first, you may find it hard to identify these strengths. But with patience and understanding, you will soon be able to determine the strengths and potential of your kids. Here are some of the tips:

Check your kids’ interests

One easy way of determining your kids’ strengths is by observing their interests. Kids are curious by nature, but they tend to focus on things that they enjoy. If you notice that your kid loves drawing and sketching characters, just let them continue doing it. Does your kid like playing football with their friends? Gauge if they are good at it. When you have spotted that they have a knack for a sure thing, get them the proper training or enroll them in a top international school.

Give your kids an idea

Some kids do not discover their interests and hobbies on their own. They may find inspiration from the people around them. With that, it would be wise to give them an idea. For example, if you are a pianist and your kid watches you, ask them if they want to learn the instrument, too. If they say “Yes!”, teach them right away or find them an excellent instructor. You may also encourage them to find a new hobby by joining their friends and being part of clubs and organisations at school.

Ask your kids questions

As a parent, you may assume that you know everything about your kids. You tend to think that their way of thinking is patterned after yours. Avoid this pitfall and try asking your kids intelligent questions. You may be shocked by their interesting answers. For example, you can ask why your child has drawn that abstract sketch and what inspired them to do it. Ask them about how they think about themselves; this question may even help reveal their strengths.

Give your kids compliments they deserve

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Children tend to do good things when they are praised. So if you think that your kid has a talent for drawing and the arts, complement them if their output is excellent. But do not overdo it, as it may cultivate a behaviour of overestimating qualities. Just give the compliment when the situation warrants it.

Be a supportive parent

In the end, all you can do as a parent is to be supportive of your kids’ dreams and endeavors. Keep on supporting even if the potential is not yet unleashed. Because sooner or later, your support may inspire them to get to know themselves much better.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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