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Five Things Every New Millennial Parents Need to Talk About


Millennials account for more than a quarter of the world’s population, overtaking generation X and baby boomers. With the oldest of this generation turning 40 in a year and the youngest turning 25, many millennials are grown-ups now.

With the world becoming more digitized, attitudes toward family, values, and behavior, media consumption, and buying habits have changed quite a bit. For example, 74 percent of millennial parents include their children when making household decisions.

The majority of millennials, who spent several years focusing on their career and enjoying the single life, find it hard to transition from their lone wolf lifestyle to a family-oriented one. With that in mind, here are five practical pieces of advice for millennials just starting a family:

Talk about Finances

In most cases, although you share a life with your partner, you do not necessarily share the truth about your finances. Nonetheless, once you start living together and paying bills jointly, it is only time to intimately know your partner’s attitude toward money.

Financial-related issues might come up during marriage or cohabitation. Money-related matters are the source of problems and fights in their relationship, according to 88 percent of millennial couples.

Since most millennials couples have a record of personal student debts and are earning income, the trend of shared financial management of this generation is different from their parents and grandparents who typically have joint bank accounts.

There are several options for millennial couples in managing their finances. They can opt to combine everything, keep everything separated, or have some combined. Whatever arrangement you choose, what is essential is that you and your partner regularly communicate about money.

Good financial health among couples lessens the likelihood of divorce and other marital issues. Couples who openly discuss their finances at least once a week are happier than those who wait too long in the relationship before discussing money.

Discuss Parenting Style

Parenting style has a correlative effect on children developing into adults. If you grew up in two households with different temperaments, you might disagree with your partner about how to raise your kids.

Apart from financial issues, differences in parenting is another area that causes tension among couples and would likely lead to resentment if unresolved or even divorce. Talking about parenting style should be done before starting a family, but if you did not, it is never late to start.

Sharing parenting philosophies and even creating new ones with your partner makes raising a family a harmonious, enjoyable, and loving process. Learn how to compromise or set new rules if you cannot agree on matters, like how to discipline your children, bedtime schedules, and other issues.

Division of Household Chores

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Millennial parents are busier than older-generation parents but can spend more time with their children, contrary to the misconception about millennial parenting. However, with both partners working on a full-time job, having no system for household chores could lead to resentment and tension between couples.

It is essential to talk with your partner about sharing housework since it is highly associated with marital success, greater partner satisfaction, and even better lovemaking. Moreover, sharing the workload promotes teamwork between partners.

Find Me Time

Most people think that when you start a family, the goal is to spend most of your 24 hours with your other half and kids to foster a productive and loving relationship. But you also need a decent amount of alone time to reconnect with yourself.

Having me time is just as important as spending time with your partner because it allows you not only to unwind and think things over; it also enables you to have time for self-discovery. Taking a relaxing bath, having coffee in the garden, doing pilates downtown, or taking long walks by yourself while listening to music are some best activities.

Never Forgo Date Night

In the married world filled with mortgage bills, company meetings, household chores, tantrum-ing kids, and sleep deprivation, most couples forget the need to spend some time for a date night.

Couples who make raising their kids well their number one priority usually realize that they do not have so much in common with their partner. Along with other matters, a regular date night results in a blissful and satisfying marriage.

Dating your partner gives you an avenue to communicate about things other than your kids or work, resulting in fewer conflicts in the future. Furthermore, trying new things with your partner fosters closeness, which can help you withstand martial storms, such as the sleepless nights of early parenting.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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