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Playtime on Grass: Ensuring Fun and Safety for Kids in the Yard


One of the challenges that the current global situation now presents is how to promote exercise as well as physical recreation. And this even applies to children. A possible way for them to have fun is through playing in your yard. But how do you keep them safe while doing it?

Keep Your Lawn Soft

One of the dangers that your child may encounter is injuring themselves on rough ground. That may even be one of the reasons that you would like to let your kid play outside in the grass. But if you go out in the yard often and do various activities that involve hard or sharp objects, then you have to make sure that those aren’t lying around. If you must, you may even avail of lawn installation services to give it a makeover.

Be Careful With Plants

Specific plants can present danger when you leave your child to play in the yard. Tree stumps or shallow roots can make them trip and injure themselves. Some other plants can also be dangerous when eaten or touched by accident. If bees are your problem, then you might not want certain kinds of flowers, like clover. Check on the types of plants that are growing in your yard and make sure that they’re safe.

Don’t Be Afraid to Put Fences

When your child is too young to tell them to stay inside your yard, you can choose to put fences around your property. It doesn’t just keep your kids in, but it also helps keep animals and other people out. It can even deter those who want to steal your belongings. Another kind of barrier that you can put in is one for a designated play area within your yard, where you can put in toys and other items your child needs.

kid playing

Look After Them

Your yard might be as safe as you can make it, but who can say that it’s entirely so? Don’t forget to look after your child while they’re playing or have a trusted person look after them if you can’t afford to, and be alert for signs of danger. Accidents can happen in the times when you least expect them. Of course, you don’t have to follow them around, but you can’t let them run around so much, especially when they’re young.

Teach Safety to Them

Aside from keeping them safe with your efforts, it’s also wise to give them pointers to follow for various situations. For example, you can teach them what to do when they reach the road or when they encounter strangers. Just don’t expect them to remember everything, especially when they’re very young, so it’s best to make it simple and be ready to repeat yourself until they get it. As they grow up, they’ll be able to understand better why they need to do what you’ve told them to.

Also, during this time when the threat of disease is around, it’s a good idea to help them keep themselves clean. Make handwashing a regular activity, and face masks should be worn as necessary. Be an example as to how they can stay safe, both in the house and out in the yard.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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