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Catering Trending Cuisines for Special Occasions


Almost all types of events won’t be complete without a grand feast. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, or celebrating small victories, almost everything is life is a tad bit sweeter with some food on the table. Sure, it might seem easy to cook for around three to five people that are just at your dinner table, but it’s a whole different story when you’re cooking for about 100 to 150 people while having to travel across the state to reach a particular event.

Like fashion, home renovation, and other industries out there, catering industries will also have their own trend. While certain occasions were the standard tray that’s full of food will do, there will be some events that will require a fair amount of attention and grandeur in terms of detail. Everybody wants to feel special, and that’s when we can cook something up that will create an unforgettable experience for a lot of people.

Of course, catering and preparing food for special occasions is easier said than done: you’ll need to think of the food’ presentation and the current logistics of how you’ll be catering. If you’re planning on setting up a catering service, it’s essential to weigh-in these factors before looking for clients.

So what are some unique and captivating dishes that are great for any occasion? What are the current trends? Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Current Trends In Catering

If you haven’t noticed, many trends in catering services have been changing in the last few years. Usually, most catering trends, primarily catering to weddings or large receptions, will be determined by the event’s theme and current ones in exterior and interior designs.

It’s important to ask yourself the catering services of a particular venue before making any final decisions. However, most catering policies will affect your mode of operation and how you handle logistics.

It’s also essential to think about your budget. Most of the time, these venues will also have their in-house services that you will have to avail of. You might have to pay for additional fees if you do let another catering service into the premises.

Although, one of the most popular catering trend these days are in the form of the buffet-style station. Well, buffet-style stations have always been in fashion for a long time. However, there’s an uptick of this trend since most couples deviate from the usual four-course dinner that’s served.

Besides choosing your own portion of food that you can eat, it’s also a good way of getting some face time between different individuals as they converge on the self-serve food stations.

Popular Cuisines

Farm-to-Table Cuisine

Nobody can say no to an excellent outdoor barbecue. Cooking steaks and using freshly-reaped vegetables have always been the epitome of living a healthy lifestyle. Farm-to-table cuisines are known for being authentic. Since this type of food is straight off the ranch, it’s also organic.

Barbecue cookouts and traditional barn food-themed menus have been steadily growing in popularity for different occasions, especially for farm-themed weddings. Suppose you’re looking for a Bohemian and classic farm venue that will go with the food. In that case, you might want to check out this stunning and vibrant barn wedding venue that’s known for being a prime location for wedding receptions.

State-Specific Cuisine

specific dish

Most dishes will usually be determined by the geography of the location and what’s available. Most states like Louisiana would serve freshly-cooked crawfish and other delicacies together with farm food.

Smart Menus

Another popular way of catering is smart menus, which is known for engaging guests while also being a bit “quirky.” Most of the time, these types of menus are designed and geared towards better health options. In most cases, formal events won’t find it acceptable to overindulge, but smart menus are healthier options without the “consequences” of overeating.

When food is being discussed, there are near-limitless ways of preparing dishes for different types of occasions. Whether it’s for weddings, birthdays, or any formal occasion, preparing a wide variety of dishes can impress guests. Catering for different events means that you’ll need to adapt to various events and situations. Being adaptable and versatile with your catering style will land you a plethora of various clients.

However, most catering service owners should remember that you’re not just thinking of the dishes that you’ll be serving. You’ll also be thinking of logistics, your food’s presentation, and whether the venue that you’re catering to will allow the service that you’re doing. This way, you can plan and prepare for any event appropriately.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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