For Brick-and-mortar Stores: Increase the Number of Your Customers


Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, the business would not generate profit and prosper. That’s why it’s pertinent to invest in marketing strategies that will attract and retain customers. Well, for starters, you must know your target audience so you know what strategies will work on them and what will not. We have prepared tips below on how to increase the number of your customers to your brick-and-mortar store:

1. Make Your Presence Known Online

People are present most of the time nowadays. Take advantage of this fact by creating a website and making your presence known on social media channels. Your online presence allows you to build your brand and strengthen your credibility. Moreover, you also get to interact with people online. Make your content interesting to your target audience, as well as the aesthetics and functionality.

2. Invest in Your Store’s Exterior

Your store’s exterior determines whether you will have customers or not. About 95% of the consumers say that they do not like to shop at a store that has a poorly maintained exterior. This can mean that your paint is peeling, the store is poorly lit, and the displays are old, cluttered, and dusty. Make a positive impression by making your exterior presentable to the public. Impressed customers will usually go in out of curiosity.

On the other hand, you can also avail of landscaping services for commercial establishments if you have enough space. Your store’s exterior is a reflection of the products or services you offer—so do it right the first time. Give off the impression that what you’re offering is worth taking a look at.

3. Place Your Ads on Social Media

People spend their time on social media nowadays. They use this time to be entertained and to connect with their loved ones. This makes it a perfect opportunity to display your ads to hit your target audience effectively. The ads will appear on your target audience’s news feed, and they can click on them to be directed to your page.

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4. Offer In-Store Perks

In-store perks create a sense of exclusivity that they can only avail of when they are at your store. Examples of in-store perks that you can implement are free adjustment of clothes (with an in-store tailor) and an area where your customers can try out your latest product (a hands-on experience, if you will). Although having your products delivered right at their doorstep is more convenient, you need to entice customers to come to your store. The hassle of commuting will be compensated by the exclusive experience they will have.

5. Offer Samples Outside of Your Store

Like your store’s exterior, offering samples outside your store is enough to pique the public’s interest. It’s like giving a taste of what they will get once they come inside. It’s even better if you give discounts. If they’re interested in your samples, they are more likely to avail of them, especially if it comes with a discount. As always, quell their curiosity and give them a positive experience.

6. Don’t Ignore Geolocation and Take Advantage of Proximity Targeting

Geolocation ensures that your store is accurately pointed on maps. This can only be accessible if a customer is connected to the internet. This makes it easier for customers to locate you. On the other hand, proximity targeting is a marketing strategy that reaches customers within the vicinity or a point of interest. This will encourage them to visit your store.

The tips provided above are guaranteed to increase your foot traffic as long as it is done right. Running a business without a definite marketing strategy is guaranteed to be doomed. That’s why we should take advantage of every marketing tip that comes our way to reach our target audience effectively.

Perhaps the most vital out of the tips presented above is keeping your store exterior as presentable as possible. When you’ve placed high expectations of your store on social media and executed other marketing strategies, and it turns out that it does not meet their expectations, it can put them off completely.

This is where balance comes in—your online and physical presence must match to prevent letdowns. Once this happens, the news will travel quickly until everyone has heard of your physical store not living up to the hype. You don’t want this to happen because the money you’ve invested in this business will go to waste. So maintain a balance of your online and physical presence to meet your consumers’ expectations.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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