Parenting in a Pandemic: a Guide to Adjusting Kids to Online Classes


Finding vaccines for viruses can take a long time, so we might very well be seeing another school year of online learning. Schools across the world are closing their doors and turning to online learning. It will be a continuous adjustment for both the students and teachers. In children’s case, the most important part is to make sure they still feel the classroom setting.

Some kids might have difficulty learning through a computer. Schools have already reported increasing failed grades from students because they are struggling to adjust. As parents, the most you can do is be empathetic and try to help them in this shift. If your child is attending online classes this year, here are some things you can do to help them.

Create a separate space

Both older and younger kids need to have a dedicated learning space for their online classes. This has to be a secluded and quiet area that reinforces the need to focus. Their space can’t be anywhere near their play area because they would only get distracted. Ensure that the space or corner is a place where other household members won’t disturb them.

A good learning space should also have equipment that complements their session to help them feel more comfortable. Invest in a good desk that is solely for schoolwork and the laptop. The important thing is that it is consistent, so they always know where they should go during class. A comfortable chair can also help them concentrate and keep them from moving around too much.

Looking at daycare furniture is a great way to get started because they are specifically designed for a classroom setting. There are fewer hard edges, and the heights are often adjusted for children. You can even find ergonomic chairs for kids that are easier to use.

Follow a schedule

Schedules are supposed to help children learn time management. Studies show that students who know how to manage their time perform better academically. It also reinforces the idea that they are going to school and not just an extended vacation.

One major problem with online classes is that kids often neglect proper routine because it is so easy to get to class. This can lead to them oversleeping and being late when they go back to physical classrooms. ; They should still follow the regular morning routine, such as waking up at a certain time, eating breakfast, and getting dressed.

You have to mimic some form of normalcy for children during school days. This also includes breaks and recesses. If they are used to sneaking in snacks during online classes, they might continue this behavior in a physical classroom.

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Avoid other gadgets during breaks

Limit distractions during class hours at all times. Aside from the computer they are using, no other gadgets should be used during this time. This includes phones, tablets, or gaming consoles. Kids are quite clever, and they can easily hide the fact that they are playing from their teachers.

Another thing you need to do is keep gadgets away during breaks. In a normal school setting, playing games or watching YouTube is not allowed on campus. If children are used to playing with their gadgets in between classes, they will have difficulty adjusting once things return to normal. Instead, encourage them to do other things like walk or go out to the yard for a few minutes.

The best practice is that if the gadget does not contribute to their learning, then it is best to limit the amount of screen time they do.

Let them chat with friends via online calls

School is also supposed to teach them how to socialize and interact with others. Unfortunately, that can be difficult when they meet all their classmates online. You can help mediate this by allowing them to video chat with their friends during lunch breaks or after class hours. Kids can actually adjust quite well to video calls, and they still somehow find ways to play even through the screen.

This part is especially important if your kid is new to middle school or has just changed schools. They don’t know a lot of the kids there, so it takes time to build connections. Fortunately, kids are always eager to use technology when guided properly. According to experts, the video aspect is a huge help for them when interacting and communicating.

The hardest part of online classes is emulating a classroom setting. It is important that the kids feel that they are still going to school, or else they become complacent and distracted. Middle school is an important time for learning development and creating study habits.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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