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Must-Have Equipment for Livestock Farming


Farming is one of the oldest industries. In recent times, most farmers have shifted towards livestock farming which encompasses the rearing of livestock for food and production of other beneficial products like fertilizer, wool, and leather. Livestock farming generally involves cattle, goats, chickens, sheep, horses, and pigs. Nowadays, some livestock farmers are also rearing mules, rabbits, donkeys, and insects like bees.

While livestock farming is quite profitable and plays an essential role in eco-sustainability, it will only deliver benefits to farmers who are well-equipped to handle it. Available bale feeders for sale ensure your livestock is well-fed, but these are only part of the equipment you should invest in for a profitable venture. For feeding, you should also have a feed mixer to shred food into soft, whole rations that livestock can easily consume. The right feeding equipment generally makes the distribution of your feed even, and for larger farms, these machines make the process more efficient and manageable. The following are the other equipment must-haves for success in livestock farming.

Livestock Trailer

Farmers who intend to keep large livestock like sheep, horses, and cows should have the right transportation. At times, hiring a trailer for transportation is a cost-effective measure. Buying a livestock trailer will, however, save you on the costly hiring expenses. You can also use the trailer for hauling other bulky items like lumber, hay, feed, and firewood on your farm when not transporting animals. Moreover, the purchase of a trailer can introduce a new revenue earner to your farming venture.

Headgates and Corral Systems

A corral system keeps your livestock in their designated space. You should get one that is big, comfortable, and safe enough for the number of livestock you have. The corral system can be placed in fields where your animals will have access to water, shade, and grazing land. The corral systems designed for cattle often have extra features like adjustable alley gates. Headgates serve as the place where animal branding takes place to control the flow of livestock.

Manure Spreader

One of the benefits of livestock farming is manure production. You will need to efficiently and quickly manage the large quantities of manure on your farm. Manure spreaders are used to distribute any excrement produced across the ground. This reduces flies around the manure and boosts soil fertility. The best manure spreader for large farms is a tractor-driven one since this can comfortably handle large loads.

Water Tanks and Waterers

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Large farms need considerable amounts of water to keep animals cool and hydrated. Waterers are livestock watering equipment featuring trough bowls made of rubber or galvanized iron. Tanks then store the water used to keep the waterers filled. The water drank by your livestock should be clean to guarantee the health of your animals.

With the above equipment, you are sure that your venture will be nothing short of successful. Even so, conduct thorough research on your options before making a purchase. Getting advice from a well-versed equipment provider will also boost your odds of making the right choices.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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