Make Your Dryer Last Longer with These Tips


Home appliances are super useful, and there is no doubt about that. But, these machines require some TLC as well (or at least a little maintenance check) every now and then. Surely, buying a clothes dryer using your hard-earned money was not the first thing on your to-do list. That is why it is best that you care for that dryer to make it last as long as possible. But, how will you do this exactly? Simple. Just follow the steps we have noted down for you below.

Keep the lint trap clean

Keeping the lint trap clean is one of the basic ways you can keep your dryer in good shape. Lint that gets caught in the little filter blocks air from flowing freely inside the dryer. If you do not clean the lint trap after every load, there will be less air in the dryer. You will then need to run the machine for longer to get better drying results. More usage means greater wear and tear.

Replace the common accordion duct

Ducts that are in the form of accordions can have lint and small dirt trapped in the ridges and bent points. If the lint stacks up and reaches the point where airflow is restricted, your laundry will most likely not dry. Further use of the dryer in this condition could also start a dryer fire. Replace the stock ducts with a rigid metal with smooth walls. This will allow air to circulate freely. There will also be fewer chances of getting lint build-up again.

Keep the dryer area clean

washing machine and dryer

Keep unnecessary items close to the dryer. This will not only prevent you from bumping into things while you are doing the laundry, but it is also a safety precaution. Always keep flammable materials away from the dryer. Remember that the dryer’s body will heat up eventually whenever it is in use. Flammable chemicals kept in the proximity of the dryer could cause a home fire.

Check the dryer vent

The dryer vent is designed to exhaust out the heat from the machine. If the vent is too dirty, it may have a hard time “exhaling” the hot air from the dryer. This can also shorten the lifespan of your dryer’s parts. The same can also happen if you place your dryer with the vent facing the wall. This restricts airflow and prevents proper ventilation.

Inspect the dryer hose

Once you are sure that your vent is fine, you should also make sure that the vent hose is not crushed or has not collapsed. If you think it has signs of severe wear, have it replaced immediately. Take note if your vent hose is made of plastic. This easily gets worn out, so check it every now and then to see if there are leaks.

Of course, you can perform all these tips without special knowledge and experience. But, if it is already too late for your dryer or if you notice something wrong with it, do not hesitate to consult experts in dryer repair in Salt Lake City.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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