Canopy Design Ideas for Your Front Door


You, of course, want to make an excellent first impression on the guests to your home. To guarantee this, investing in the best design details is essential. Most people focus on door knockers and handles. You nonetheless can cost-efficiently accentuate your home’s entryway with a canopy. This offers an attractive framing alternative for the top edge of your door.

You can then install your choice roofing material on the canopy to get shade for the front door. The best choice for getting an exceptional front door look is polycarbonate roofing from a UK-based store. Polycarbonate is a lightweight but strong thermoplastic material that can hold up to extreme temperatures. Its roofing comes in two variants, including clear and foam-backed. Clear polycarbonate roofing is translucent or transparent and is primarily used on conservatory roofs. Foam-backed roofs are corrugated to look like metal roofs. These are the often used polycarbonate roofs for front door canopies. Here are some design ideas for your front door’s canopy.

The Vintage

This design looks exceptional when mounted on a cottage door or a traditional terraced building. Its classic appeal will add charm and flair to a modern home. A vintage canopy design lends your porch a classic and innately imposing look that is ideally suited for a period look. Fortunately, this design is remarkably flexible, with a few variations of the brackets used for the roof.

The Arch

The arched design for canopies is elegant, reliable, and clean. It is less flashy than the vintage one and is often used for small front door canopies. An arched canopy nonetheless offers a considerable amount of protection from rain since it allows water to run off its top. It suffices for both traditional and modern home designs.

The Greenhurst

canopy design

This is an understated and cheaper alternative to the arched design that offers the same level of protection from rain as the latter. Greenhurst canopies are simple to install and will bring out a bright color for your door. They suit all types of modern home designs since they have a minimalist impression that suits them.

The Mono-Pitch

This is commonly seen in terraced homes. They are generally wider compared to other canopy designs with their slanted roofing material mounted on wooden brackets. The mono-pitch canopy has a subtle yet remarkably effective design.

The Traditional

This is a perfect design for a modern home or cottage with a rustic design. It makes an alluring design statement when matched to large side panels and slanted roofing. Traditional door canopies act more or less like small roofs and even have gutters that make them ideal for places that experience heavy rainfall. Their projections are also deeper compared to other designs.

Your taste is the primary element that determines which of the above designs will work for your home. Fitting the canopy over your front door is, after all, a form of art in itself. Other than uplifting your curb’s look, the canopy will decently boost the value of your home and help it stand out.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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