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Loungewear: The Official Quarantine Fashion


We see people wear them a lot. They watch Netflix in it, hang out in the kitchen while sipping coffee in it, and wearing it as they take mirror selfies, posing and showing their best. Sometimes they might be posing in their bedroom, or sometimes they pose on their maple solid hardwood flooring to show off not only their clothes but also their homes. We’re talking about the official quarantine clothing: Loungewear.

The Rise of the Loungewear

The loungewear trend has already been tipping even before the pandemic began. But, it’s popularity, especially to fashionistas, have skyrocketed since the peak of the pandemic. Loungewear is being preferred in favor of pants as more and more people are staying home. The New York Times even said that it was hard to sell clothes that aren’t leggings and sweatpants.

We want to leave so many things in 2020, but loungewear is off the list, for sure. This matching set has become the new work-from-home uniform of many. Whether you are locked down or want some alone time, it has become our favorite and go-to set of clothes to wear at home. It is comfortable, cozy; it’s freedom!

There had been a significant increase of 49 percent in sales in the loungewear and casualwear category between March and April 2020. This is a shoot up of 143% in sales for pajamas alone, in the same months. How crazy is that surge? This explains why you will see numerous retailers’ stores being dominated by leggings, onesies, pajama sets, and cashmere hoodies.

Is loungewear here to stay?

Now, we are all wondering how long this trend will last because we don’t want to get over how super soft our matching sets are. According to Tech Navio, a market research company, the loungewear, and casualwear market have the potential to grow by USD 19 Billion from 2021 to 2024. This means that it may not last forever, but this trend is not bound to go-forth anytime soon either. So let’s enjoy it while we can!

Market Growth Factors

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The rise in popularity of PJs is not so sudden. Like what we have mentioned earlier, loungewear is already quite trendy even before the pandemic and lockdown became the new normal. So let’s not give all the credits to Covid-19. Here are some factors (other than Covid-19) contributing to the popularity of Loungewear:

1. Celebrity Influence

What better way to start a trend than to see it from celebrities? The Jenners, the Beiber couple, the Hadid sisters, these superstars are sporting their sleepwear in and out of their homes. You have probably seen it: fashionistas casually wearing silk PJs on the streets. We say, if it’s paired up correctly, you can totally rock it, too. Ugh, don’t you love this trend!

2. Self-loving Generation

The Gen-Y a.k.a. the millennial generation has become obsessed with the word ”self-care”. In the past years, a bath with a lit aromatherapeutic candle is the only self-care we know. But now, our self-care regimen has evolved from a simple bath to journaling, healing crystals, yoga, and buying loungewear. Do you think they are too much? Well, what better way do you know to relax your self after a long tiring day when you can’t go out of your house?

These expressions of self-love have been helpful to the new generation especially in these uncomfortable times.

3. People Embracing Gender Equality

Loungewear pieces are mostly designed to be loose-fitting, a large, material hug for the body, to give us that relaxing feeling when wearing them. This makes loungewear a genderless type of clothing. And, people are positive about such campaigns that support gender equality. It matters in business success today.

Also, clothing gender-neutrality is so in for those couples who love matching outfits. Hashtag #couplegoals!

4. Fashion Boomerang Effect

Sweatpants aren’t so new. Do you remember Holly’s Golightly’s glamourous nightwear at Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Or do you remember how Rachel Green from the 90s sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. loved to wear PJs? She called it her “apartment pants”. The trend has been around for years, and like any other fashion trend, it boomeranged. Now it’s back in the runways and the shopping racks near you. So it wasn’t the Kardashians who started it all.

Our work environment is not the only thing that has changed since the pandemic. Our lifestyles have immensely changed, too. That includes our day-to-day wear. It’s not a question of why. It is a question of what will make us feel comfortable in these uncomfortable times.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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