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Keeping Your Kids Happy and Healthy at Home During Quarantine


Back in March, as the news of the coronavirus outbreak starts to pour in, how impactful did you think it would be on your kids? We would never have thought that our kids will still be unsafe to go outdoors ten months after. Sure, they can walk in the park and frolic by the beach, but the fear in our hearts remain. Could this be the day they catch the virus? That’s why many parents are still opting to keep their kids safe and healthy at home.

The problem is that they are missing out on a lot of fun activities that they could be doing if only the coronavirus didn’t happen. They could be playing with the other kids in the neighborhood. They could be attending a playschool or learning ballet, piano, dance, taekwondo, and other things they usually do at this time and age. So, it is up to you to make sure they grow up healthy, safe, and happy while in quarantine.

Pooling Ideas and Resources

Unfortunately, that’s easier said and written than done. Many parents who have to work from home struggle to find time for their kids while also making sure they earn enough to keep things afloat. The threat of the coronavirus is not only on people’s health but on their economies, too. Many parents are forced to take double the job they usually do to keep businesses open. Many are working overtime without getting paid.

There’s no denying that the pandemic has been more difficult for the adults than to the kids. But there’s also no denying that the kids need to grow up as normally as possible even in these extraordinary times. There is no excuse for that. So, keep your mind open about different ideas on how to entertain them at home. Pool your resources—old toys, new ones, the internet, virtual playdates, and many more—to keep them preoccupied as you work from your home office.

Transform the Backyard

In the past, your kids can easily go to a public playground to run around and play there. Today, their playground is your backyard. Make sure to call an ISA-certified arborist to trim and care for trees that could pose a danger to your kids. If you have a large old oak tree in your backyard, don’t try to cut or trim its branches yourself. Call a professional arborist or tree care specialist to do it for you.

Your kids will need to spend many hours in your backyard, so make sure every corner of it is safe for them. You can build a treehouse if the tree is safe and sturdy enough. You can install an above-the-ground swimming pool so your kids can enjoy learning about and playing in the water. Just make sure you have your eyes on them when they try the pool.

Cook Healthy Recipes

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It is time for you to spend more time on your kids’ meals. In the past, you might be used to stopping over by McDonald’s to get them chicken nuggets and burgers. But now that you are all essentially staying at home and cutting on expenses, you should experiment with different healthy recipes to get your kids eating healthier than their normal fare of fast food meals.

Try to incorporate vegetables into their diets. You can mix squash in their mac and cheese. You can also make fruit- and vegetable-based cakes such as those made out of carrots, zucchinis, and corn. Make it more fun by having the kids help you in prepping their own meals.

Set Virtual Playdates

There’s no reason why they should lose touch with their friends. Set virtual playdates so that they can keep in touch every day. You still need to control the time they spend in front of the computer and television. However, pediatricians say that two hours a day is okay for kids two years old and above.

Don’t just set virtual playdates with their mates. Set one, too, for your extended family—their aunts, uncles, and cousins. Your kids need to keep in touch with the outside world, and the only way for this to be possible right now is through teleconferencing. A few minutes each day won’t hurt your kids’ development. In fact, it could help toddlers with their communication skills.

While in quarantine, you will get to know your kids—their likes, wants, dislikes, and triggers. This will help you understand them better. So even though it pains to see the rest of the world hauled up in their homes, take this opportunity to know your kids better than you ever will.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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