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Importance of Paying Attention to Employee Mental Health in Business


Working is a demanding and stressful activity. While most people are fully aware of this notion, it’s no secret that they can still be affected on a deeper level than just being tired or hungry after a long day’s work. They’re bound to feel these effects in one way or another. These feelings are among the things that we don’t usually talk about in the workplace. It doesn’t seem that many are aware that they have these issues themselves, either. It’s a dangerous matter to ignore because of the so-called “by-products” of built-up emotions.

So, why is taking care of mental health an important part of the workplace? The following reasons may help you find out.

It Can Affect Their Work

Although workers are aware of what their job is, they may also experience some difficulty performing their duties even though they’ve been with a company for a while. There are cases where a once top performer moves to the bottom of the bunch because he couldn’t be as efficient as he used to be because of problems he couldn’t recover from yet.

If such a thing happens, you should make time to find solutions such as dialectical behavior therapy or treatment in Westport, Connecticut. For people who suffer from such a condition, it’s vital that they know there’s a helping hand willing to provide support and point them in the right direction towards healing and recovery.

Employees Are People, Too

It’s important to remember that even if a group of people work in the same workplace with the same job description, they’re still individuals who have different perspectives. That means we have certain needs that don’t fit in a “one size fits all” framework. For example, some people may be okay with a certain policy, while others are indifferent or totally opposed. In the workplace, the priority is often to bring better business to the company. This is a challenge because people will need to take breaks sometimes. They’re people first, and employees second, after all. It’s important to understand their mental conditions and assist them when they need it.

It Can Impact Your Business

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Studies show that at least 260 million people currently suffer from mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. Depending on how you treat your employees, the presence of mental illness can be detrimental to your business. A positive working environment, for example, can lift the mood of employees and boost your numbers. If they feel less stressed and more motivated, you can expect them to deliver their best work most of the time.

However, if they feel like the bosses are only bent on making money and couldn’t care less about the people behind their success, the tendency is for turnover rates to go off the charts along with the downward spiral of the company’s reputation.

More people now are opening up about their mental health condition. There’s a certain empowerment that this openness brings to those who are having a hard time reaching out and seeking help. We have developed the tendency to ignore these facts because of how the world views it. But despite the difficulty, we should continue to provide enough support. They need our understanding, given the fact that what they’re experiencing is different from what we are.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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