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Tips on How to be a Smart and Fearless Vicenarian


Being in your 20s presents a whole new world that is starkly different from your teen and childhood years. Some might already be full-fledged members of the workforce, some might be spending time in school, aiming for a degree, while others might already feel they’re responsible members of society. No matter what kind of road they take, most people in their 20s face a different reality from the one they have known for most of their lives.

To help twenty-year-old somethings navigate their way through these tumultuous times, here are some time-proven words of wisdom that can help you make the most of your youth, and disprove the quote, “Youth is wasted on the young”.

Nothing is Easy

Being in your 20s opens you to many experiences. From growing even more independent than when you were eighteen, to having additional responsibilities, this is the phase where you plant good seeds, so that you can enjoy great fruits in the coming years. Most young individuals enter university at this age, some are sponsored by their parents, while others work multiple jobs to put themselves through school.

If you belong in the latter, the key to successfully juggling school and work is time management and getting your priorities straightened out. Multitasking is difficult, but all you need is focus and taking charge of your priorities. You could have some fun, but don’t forget what you need to do to succeed.

Savings are Important

Having your name on a paycheck can mean security and stability, but many young people tend to overlook the fact that there will be instances where they can lose their jobs, which would then force them to make ends meet. To avoid situations when you’re put in between jobs and are strapped for cash, you need to get a savings bank and deposit a portion of your salary on a monthly basis. It is also best to invest in things that could provide you with a safety net.

Having a savings account and getting property, life, or insurance will protect you from financial ruin. If you have a career in the service industry, you also need some form of insurance that protects you from claims and civil suits. Physicians often have a disability insurance that protects them when they are injured. In the same way, if an injury prevents you from studying or doing your job, you have a safety net when times become hard. And you can still prepare for a future that allows you to make investments and continue your dreams.

Learn When to Rest and When to Quit

Today’s generation is the most educated, yet the most underpaid in history. With their growing workload and low pay, it is no wonder many of them feel stressed and burn out eventually. Since companies like to reward hard work, the youth’s response to challenging situations is to stay and tough it out. Young people are taught to withstand difficult challenges and remain tough against demanding situations.

Indeed, resiliency is a good quality, but staying buoyant even in damaging situations is not something to glorify. Young people must know that not all challenges could be won and that choosing to back out and rest may be just the right thing to do.

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Branching Out is Good

Mastering your chosen field is respectable and worthy of praise, but dabbling in different spheres can also make you flexible and versatile. Being a multifaceted person will help a vicenarian easily adapt to various situations. Having knowledge on multiple subjects can also let you explore different areas and expose you to numerous opportunities.

Big Changes Will Occur

One thing that’s abundant in your 20s is change. You might find yourself in a different situation than your peers, but that does not mean you have not reached a milestone in your life. Vicenarians could do anything they want: they can focus on their careers, work hard for their degrees, or even start a family. But whatever the choice or change they want to make in life, it’s always a big step, because they will spend their energy and time on that. Being stable early on in your adult life and beginning the next chapter in life can be ideal.

Choose Your Circle Wisely

Hanging out with the right crowd can do young people a ton of good. Being in the company of like-minded individuals may be the way to roll, but establishing a lasting relationship with people who have the same plans and goals as you do will help encourage you to realize your own ambitions. Being a part of a good crowd can reign you back in whenever you stray a little from your plans. Staying with people who have the capabilities to nurture you will not only help you reach your ambitions, but also make you into a better individual.

There isn’t a complete or concrete manual about navigating the confusing maze that is your 20s, but these words of wisdom can serve as guides and help you build the kind of future that you deserve.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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