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How Should You Use Your Moisturizer?


Your makeup looks flawless and stays on longer if you apply it after prepping and priming, right? Well, that same kind of attention should apply to your skin and moisturizer, too. Taking a couple of minutes to put on your moisturizer properly will lead to better penetration and more visible results for your skin. But is there really a right way to put on moisturizer? Not really, but there is a better way than what you are probably doing right now.

Cleanse Properly First

You have to completely erase all traces of grime, sweat, dirt and makeup off your face using a gentle but effective cleanser that will not dry out your skin. Otherwise, you are essentially setting all those nasty things in your skin and then locking them in with a moisturizer.

Use the Right Cleanser

Some soaps could strip your skin’s natural oils, so opt for cleansers and body washes with moisturizing ingredients to help lock moisture in even when showering. The same goes for your face. When choosing a cleanser, the less and more natural ingredients, the better. Make sure to select a cleanser or cleansing oil for your specific skin type.

Moisturizers With Retinoids Work Best at Night

These skincare powerhouses work best at night since retinoids weaken and degrade when exposed to the sun. One such product is the Intensive Night Cream by Kedma Skincare. This super rich cream contains retinol and Dead Sea minerals that minimize the look of existing fine lines and wrinkles, and prevent the formation of new ones as well.

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Always Put Moisturizer on Damp Skin

Your skin is already hydrated after you wash your face and shower, and a moisturizer will help keep the moisture locked in. Moisturizers penetrate better on damp skin. So make sure to apply it no more than two minutes after showering or washing your face. Consider using a toner or serum with hyaluronic acid before applying moisturizer for better results.

Apply It Right

Massaging and patting in your moisturizer will enable it to penetrate deeper and distribute it over your face evenly. Use your ring and middle fingers to swipe it on your face and massage in gentle upward strokes, followed by gentle taps for better absorption.

Exfoliate Regularly

Getting rid of dead skin cells will enable your moisturizer to be fully absorbed. For your body, opt for a mesh pouf or slightly abrasive washcloth daily, and a body scrub at least weekly. For the face, you can do at-home peels or face scrubs once or twice weekly, and a gentle electronic cleansing brush every other or daily depending on how your skin is feeling.

It is very important that you apply your moisturizer daily. You might have all the high-end and popular moisturizers in your possession, but they will not work if you do not use them consistently. Additionally, it is best that you use your moisturizer in tandem with gentle cleansers, serums, toners and other skincare treatments to help boost the potency of your products.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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