Balancing a Full-time Job and Studying


New Yorkers know just how expensive it is to live in this part of the country. Many keep more than one job just to afford the rent. They are on their way to making a better future for themselves, so no one thinks of this situation as permanent. In fact, a good portion of the population is studying while holding a full-time job.

How do they manage it? Here are some tips you might find handy if you’re planning to juggle work and studying yourself:

Take Advantage of Online Courses

School, ideally, is done in an institution where you go into a room with several other students, and an instructor discusses the lessons for the subject they teach. However, changing times have given way to different modes of education. Now, you will see a paralegal school giving out online courses, live lectures, and even DVD modules that students can use in their own time. This makes the balancing of a full-time job and studying more manageable, as you can rest at home rather than prepare to go to school but still get the same education.

Sleep Is Important


In the busy lifestyle you’ve managed to carve out for yourself, it’s easy to forget how important sleep is. You think it’s just a waste of time, that you can do more if you could just stay awake. However, without enough sleep, you will not be able to function properly. This will not help you get top marks on your course if you’re unable to understand the topics being discussed. This will not help you perform well at work either, since your reaction time may be slower if you’re sleep deprived. You may not even be equipped to drive, as studies show that sleep deprivation is just as dangerous as driving under the influence. That means if your job is driving-related, you may lose your job, if not your life, by ignoring your body’s natural need for sleep.

Keep Friends Around

A full-time job can take nine hours of your day and depending on your school load, you may need the same amount of time each day to complete your course. If you have the flexibility to study at your own pace, however, that means you have a couple more hours to spare for socialization each week. Take that opportunity to interact with other people. This work-study routine may be temporary, but you need not banish yourself from society while living a hectic life. If anything, this is when you should keep your friends even closer. You’re under a lot of stress, and some days at work may be harder than others. You’ll get by easier if you have someone to talk to about your hardships. Retreating from the world will make a temporary situation seem endless, and if you don’t have hope that you’ll be in a better living situation soon, you will not be able to give your job and your studies your best.

You have a dream to educate yourself and eventually land in a better paying job. While you’re working on that, make sure you’re allowing yourself some time to rest and socialize.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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