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How Do Trees Make a Difference?


Humans have come a long way. People have come to achieve different milestones in different aspects, like technological advancements in the fields of science, medicine, and many more. But with such improvement also comes great sacrifice.

Humans have often benefited from nature for the innovation of such things – and trees, in particular, have become one of the primary sources. Trees are commonly referred to as the “lungs of the earth” considering they are the source of oxygen of the planet.

But did you know that trees, actually give more benefits to humans than we credit them for? Here are a few reasons why trees make a difference in people’s lives (and what humans can do to give back!)

Trees provide ‘quality’ wood

It’s no secret that trees provide wood for humans for different causes. For instance, if a furniture business wanted to make sure their products are of excellent quality, all they have to do is avail a tree service here in Lehi to get half of the job done, and then go from there.

Some of the best furniture out there are made of wood from trees, and in some areas, these wood are harvested to produce fuel and craft wood.

Trees modify the environment’s temperature

In this modern-day and age where roads and tall buildings are everywhere, trees become essential to help moderate the heat absorbed by the pavements and structures. Trees help cool down the heat in urban environments, especially crowded ones.

Not only do trees provide that cooling effect in the cities, but they also provide clean air by filtering pollutant gases and other odors.

Trees help conserve energy

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According to studies, homes save up air-conditioning by almost 50% if the area of the house is surrounded by trees. Not only is that beneficial for families financially but cutting off the use of air-conditioning that emits carbon dioxide and other pollutants would be of great help for the planet.

Trees greatly impact property sales

Apart from the natural benefits that trees provide, studies have also shown that trees also could provide great economic benefits. Research shows that landscaped property values are about 20% to 50% higher than those that are not (non-landscaped), depending on the size, type and condition, and how the trees are strategically placed in the location.

Trees also provide other economic opportunities


Fruits provided by trees are not only a great source of food, but could also bring great benefit for business. For instance, fruits that are grown and harvested in small orchards are enough to start a small business that could boost economic opportunities and tree-planting.

Trees help fight climate change

Finally, the last but definitely not the least, trees are humans’ greatest source of a weapon in battling the difficult fight against climate change. Humans have come to drastically affect the environment by the constant emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere.

But trees help fight against it by absorbing them, and, in return, releasing oxygen. According to research, sustaining one tree is enough to provide enough oxygen for three to four people. And an acre of trees planted annually is enough to burn off a 26,000 miles driven from your car of CO2 emissions.

These are just some of the most important reasons as to why trees make such a huge difference on this planet. With the rising temperature of the planet over the years, humans and the governments should start taking steps in the right direction to help preserve trees and the environment.

Humans should not only take from nature but should also give back.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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