House Pests: What Extent of Damage Can They Cause?


Houses are supposed to get dirty and often messy when you have a big family. There will be traces of food and soil that are easy to clean, but when pests start to gather and breed, that can be a cause of harm to you and your household.

Although seen as beautiful and overall peaceful, houses in Virginia Beach or other areas can also invite pests, especially bugs and house termites. You could even notice spiders or a colony of ants in the kitchen without warning. As it turns out, they have been living under the same roof for quite some time. Commonly, we ignore these pests because of a belief that they are seasonal and will migrate as soon as it’s over. This misconception is one reason that homes are being infested and can deteriorate over time.

They say that your home is your investment more so when you reside near the coastline. You know, when simple prevention no longer works, the need for a pest exterminator in Virginia Beach should be called ASAP.

Structural damage

pest exterminatorDamage to your home can range from minimal to severe. When you ignore these breeding grounds, you could have structural damage to insulation, siding, roof, and electrical systems. A wooden edifice is a typical nest for pests and other insects.

Termites breed in humid environments and survive in wood. Studies have shown that a termite queen can live up to decades under climate conditions while worker termites have a lifespan of up to two years. Likewise, at least 20 colonies per acre exist in some areas that can reproduce further despite the queen dying off. Ignoring possible spread to the rest of your home would lead to destruction.

Rodents are another species to look out for in case of damage. These mammals will gnaw at wires until you lose electric power. They will nibble on anything to control the growth of their teeth. That is why objects at home, especially electrical wirings, will entice rodents to chew on them until they wear off. That now may become a fire risk as exposed wiring is susceptible to flames that will cause fire damage.

Allergic reaction

Bugs live practically everywhere inside your home. Bed bugs, as we know it, live in hiding under bedsheets, carpets, and the dark corners of your house. They feed on human blood and go into hiding until they get in touch with humans again. Similar to them are cockroaches that bite on human skin at any chance they get. These pests are known to trigger allergies when contacted. Body parts of a cockroach, such as skin, droppings, and saliva, contain protein that can cause allergic reactions and asthma symptoms most often in children. They can range from hives and itching to difficulty in breathing.

No house is pest-free. It’s a normal occurrence at home or in a building and should be treated with proper precaution. The pests mentioned can become extensive in number when ignored completely. You should look at pest control for long-term maintenance, which is likewise an investment to keep your house and your family protected.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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