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Have a Safe Baby Shower: Ways to Celebrate During the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people’s lives in many ways, big and small. Many people lost their jobs. Schools are closed, and students have to do their schooling online. Everybody must have a mask on whenever they go outside. People had to cancel all nonessential travel. Gatherings and family celebrations are also not advised, such as baby showers.

For parents, a baby shower is an important event where they can celebrate their baby-to-be. Some states now allow small gatherings as long as everyone observes proper hygiene and social distancing.

But no matter how careful people are, much is still unknown about COVID-19. And it’s quite is a sneaky virus. In Brazil, a pregnant teacher passed away due to COVID-19 that she contracted after her friends threw a baby shower for her. One of the guests was a carrier and didn’t show any COVID-19 symptoms at the time.

Luckily, technology has advanced greatly that it allows people to have parties online. So if you don’t want to miss out on having a baby shower, you can still throw a virtual one.


Rather than inviting people over to your home, you can hold a virtual baby shower using a video conference platform. Zoom is the most popular platform that people use for work and school. Other platforms you can also try are Google Meet and Skype.

All these platforms are free to use, but with some limitations. For example, a free Zoom call only lasts for 40 minutes, and only 100 users can take part. Another platform you can use is Google Meet. Like Zoom, it can only accommodate up to 100 participants but has a longer time limit of 60 minutes. Lastly, Skype has the same limit for the number of participants but allows four hours for each call.


As for invitations, you can make a graphic invitation card using Canva or any other editing platform. This invite should include details about your baby shower, like the date, time, video call link, and theme. You might also consider including specific instructions on how to join the call. After making the invite, you can send it through messaging apps (e.g. Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) or via email with an RSVP button.

Another option is to use Facebook’s event feature. You can make an event page, upload the invitation, and specify the details of your party on the page. Then you can send the link to the people you want to invite, and they can RSVP from the event page.



To add a festive vibe during your virtual baby shower, you can try making personalized home decor on the wall that will be your background for the video call. For instance, you can put hang a banner and tape balloons onto your wall. Or you can make your own virtual background.


One important part of a baby shower is gift-giving. But since your guests can’t gather in one physical venue to give you gifts in person, you can use other methods instead. For example, you can ask your guests to send their gifts ahead of the baby shower. And on the day itself, you can open all the gifts during the call.

You can also have them drive by your house, if feasible, to drop off their gifts on the day. If so, you might want to set up a table where they can leave their gifts. One advantage of this method is that you get to see your friends and family, although from afar.


Playing games can make your baby shower much more fun and break the ice as well. It’s not uncommon for a conference call to turn silent and awkward, and games can help lift everyone’s mood. For example, you can do quizzes and guessing games. The baby shower’s host, whether it’s you or someone else, will ask questions. Guests can type their answers in the comments section of the video call.

As for prizes, you can send them to the winners via mail. Or to avoid the need for delivery, the prize can be a discount voucher for a restaurant or a delivery service that winners can use online.

The dangers of the pandemic shouldn’t be taken lightly. No matter how much you miss your family and friends and want to see them in person for your baby shower, you need to prioritize everyone’s safety. You can do your baby shower online instead. At the very least, you still get to celebrate your baby-to-be and socialize with your loved ones.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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