Great Cleaning Habits You Should Develop


Have you been susceptible to illnesses lately? You’ve probably been eating and sleeping right. You even frequently exercise. What’s going on?

Scan your environment. Is anyone from your home or office getting sick? Viruses and bacteria lurk everywhere, and they may have found a home in your house. Even without person-to-person contact, you can still get ill. General cleaning is a great way to minimize these harmful organisms in your home.

So how can you keep your home spotless and free of diseases?

Make cleaning a habit

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Bacteria stick to different items like remote controls to the little corners you barely notice. While some germs have a short lifespan, others can stay alive for years. Cleaning can be a tedious chore, but it’s well worth the trouble to keep your house free of disease-causing bacteria. Make these habits a regular part of your cleaning routine:

  • Once a week, scrub down the bathrooms and the kitchen with bleach to remove any stubborn growth or dust. Wipe every surface, especially those that are frequently touched, with a clean cloth, soap, and water. Dust off objects placed in high areas, and sweep the floor clean.

  • Regularly throw trash away. The trash can is one of the most common areas where diseases can breed. This prevents pests like flies and cockroaches from making homes in them.

  • Throw away any unnecessary items. Over time, these can become a breeding ground for pests and diseases. By clearing out space, you have less congested areas for pests to live in.

Disinfect your everyday items

Everyday items like your phone, keys, and wallet are constantly exposed to different environments, making them a breeding ground for bacteria. Make it a habit to disinfect these items with a damp cloth and disinfectants like rubbing alcohol regularly.

Get to hand washing

There’s a reason why a lot of health professionals advocate regular handwashing: it can get rid of up to 40% of bacteria from your mitts. We can’t avoid touching objects teeming with bacteria, like handrails and doorknobs. Use good ol’ water and soap and get your hands squeaky clean. If you’re on the go, alcohol-based sanitizers should do the trick, as they can eliminate up to 95% of bacteria.

Clear your air ducts

If you use your air conditioning regularly, you must remember to clear out the air ducts. These air ducts can accumulate dirt, pollen, and other allergens if not cleaned regularly. Need cleaning services? You can get air duct cleaning in Kansas City to help keep your air pure.

Hire a pro

Let’s be honest: sometimes we don’t have time to do things, even cleaning our homes! If you’re one of the people who barely have the time, call a cleaning service to help keep your house spick and span.

A clean home is a healthy one. Apply these tips to your regular cleaning routine to get rid of pests and bacteria. While you may have to shave off some me-time to scrub the toilet or wipe the shelves, it’s worth the effort when you can breathe easier and live comfortably in your own home.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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