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Giving someone back their teeth with dental implants Herefordshire


The loss of teeth can be a tough experience to go through that leaves a lasting impact on the individual since losing even one tooth can affect changes within the way a person may use their mouth due to the presence of a sensitive area of exposed gum. This can lead to someone becoming more selective about the food they eat and deciding to avoid harder foods that they may have previously enjoyed.

Many of those who experience tooth loss then go on to look for a way to replace the lost tooth or teeth. Traditionally, they may have considered having a bridge made to fit in the area of the lost tooth or teeth. In extreme cases, where someone may have lost all their teeth, dentures may have been considered as the replacement option, but both bridges and dentures come with their challenges.

What patients want is a permanent, fixed-in-place solution to tooth loss; they want to rest assured that the replacement is hard-wearing and capable of coping with the rigours of daily use. This is where dental implants Herefordshire can play a crucial role in patients’ lives.

Changing the tooth-loss game


The development of innovative dental techniques has made it possible to rethink the common understanding around tooth loss; that being if a tooth falls out of position in the mouth of an adult, it can not be replaced in a way that feels natural. Hence, the common use of bridges and dentures as ways to resolve the issue of tooth loss.

Oral implants challenge this thinking by providing a permanent solution that feels completely natural when in place, allowing the patient to use their teeth in a normal way once again.

The base of the implant is created by inserting a titanium screw into the patient’s jawbone; this forms a strong and sturdy base for a crown to sit on top of and form the new tooth for the patient. The crown is created from tough ceramic material and moulded in the shape of the tooth that will sit naturally with any other teeth surrounding it.

There is no need for any patient to be concerned about the strange look of the new tooth as it will be coloured to match any existing natural teeth.

The hidden benefits of oral implants

If someone loses a tooth, the other teeth around the area of the loss would lack any support previously offered by the lost tooth; this can lead to them starting to feel loose when they are touched. By inserting a permanent replacement tooth, the other teeth start to regain the support they need to remain firmly in place.

Oral implants can also promote the growth of bone tissue within the area of the jawbone they are inserted into; again, this promotes strong support for any existing teeth and helps them to stay healthy.

These replacement teeth are designed to last throughout the wearer’s lifetime, and, if cared for correctly, there should be no need to replace them.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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