Getting a Dog? Reasons You Should Save Up First


Dog ownership is one of the most fulfilling and challenging responsibilities you’ll ever face. A lot of first-time owners don’t realize what they’re getting themselves into until they have an adorable puppy staring lovingly at them.

Dogs are pretty much like children. They see you as their parent, they’ll always seek your affections, and they’ll depend on you to keep them alive. Similarly, they’ll develop poor health and bad habits when you don’t parent them well. Training and sustaining a dog is difficult enough–imagine doing so without sufficient funds.

If you’re excited to get a dog, but you haven’t saved up for this endeavor yet, consider postponing. Here are four reasons why:

Quality Products

A lot of puppies enter their owners’ care the size of a human fist and end up growing ten times bigger in the course of six weeks. They’ll go through a teething stage that will wreak havoc in your home. Once they have their adult teeth, they can still go about tearing your sofa apart if they’re bored. Don’t forget how strong breeds like Labradors, German Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois can be. If you buy cheap collars and leashes, chances are they’ll break free in the middle of your daily walk.

Plastic food bowls? They’ll tear those apart, too, if you’re not watching. Those chew toys sellers advertise as durable? Apparently, they haven’t tried it on a Rottweiler.

Quality products aren’t cheap. In your dog’s first year alone, you will regularly replace many of his or her toys, beds, bowls, and leashes. The best way to save money, in the long run, is to invest in quality ones that are either adjustable or durable enough. Purchase stainless steel feeding bowls and go for reputable chew toy brands. The same goes for their beds, leashes, and other accessories. The higher the quality, the less you’ll shell out in the future.

Professional Help

Even after following all the tricks in the shows you’ve watched, you may still notice that your dog is reactive to everything it sees in your daily walk around Florida. Factors like trauma, insecurity, fear, and even their breed can trigger these issues. When you find yourself struggling to control your dog in public, you’ll want to get professional dog training.

Trainers know how to read a dog’s behavior. They will explain why your dog is behaving a certain way and effectively address that. Having access to professional help will relieve you of worries that your dog will bite a stranger one day or go out of control.


Unexpected Vet Visits

You’ll be surprised at how many complications a dog can experience from birth. Forget to deworm them on time, and they’ll throw up worms on your bed. Exercise them too soon after a meal, and their guts will twist and bloat. Let them sleep on slightly damp grass, and the moist can lead to fungal infection.

The vet visits alone will cost you a certain sum for the consultation. You haven’t considered the medicines, vitamins, and recommended dietary changes that will consume your savings.

Getting Attached

This is probably the biggest reason of all. Getting attached motivates you to give your dog the best life possible. You’ll want to buy them all-natural dog treats, doggie clothes, and enrichment toys. Every beach vacation should accommodate your dogs and their needs. Holiday meals? You’ve planned a platter of fruits, meat, and dog-friendly cakes for the occasion.

Before you know it, you’ll be spending more on your dog than on yourself, and you’ll have no regrets over it.

Your Dog Deserves the Best

Dogs are emotional support creatures. They’ll stay loyal to you regardless if you’re rich or poor. Many owners will attest that a dog’s love is one of a kind and impossible to reciprocate. You will undoubtedly try, and to do that, you’ll need to save up.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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