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Going Around the World: Great Places to Try Different Dishes


Over the past year and a half, the world has been reeling from the effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Among other things, people have not been able to go out and enjoy the many pleasures that life has to offer.

Still, it is not all doom and gloom. Many nations across the globe have already started opening up their doors for both domestic and international tourism, and the possibility of travel is once again a realistic proposition.

But before we get into the many wonderful destinations you can choose from as it pertains to food, there are a few aspects to consider. The first is doing your due diligence on travel restrictions in different countries. After all, the last thing you want is to have an excellent plan and then not be able to see it come to fruition.

The second is making sure you are ready and willing to eat. Now is an excellent time to visit your local dentist and have anything that needs to be taken care of. Whether it is a root canal, a tooth implant, or a general cleaning procedure, the stronger and healthier your teeth are, the more you will enjoy the various dishes you are about to taste. Having done that, it is simply a matter of buying a ticket, packing your bags, and preparing yourself for the holiday of a lifetime.

Now, let us dive into five of the best food destinations to consider for your next vacation.


When people hear the name Brazil, the vast majority of them think about football, the Amazon rainforest, some of the world’s most famous supermodels, and samba. But what they don’t know is that this South American nation of more than 200 million people is also home to a long list of exquisite dishes and drinks.

One of the best ones is what the locals call barbacoa or barbecued meat. Grilled to perfection over coal, this centuries-old meal rivals the best steaks in any other place in the world. As for drinks, let us not forget the cocktail caipirinha or the wide variety of natural fruit juices available.


No self-respecting food destination list will dare leave out Japan. In case you did not know it, the land of the rising sun and a broad spectrum of futuristic technology is much more than ramen, sushi, and sake.

If you ever find yourself walking the streets of metropolises like Tokyo, Yokohama, or Osaka, why not walk into a Lawson or 7-Eleven convenience store and buy an onigiri? Commonly known as a Japanese rice ball, it is actually triangular and will set you back less than two dollars. And while you are at it, see if you can decipher the incredibly complex wrapping it is under.

Bali Indonesia


When it comes to Southeast Asian food, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines are much more well-known than Indonesia. But that doesn’t mean you cannot go to Bali, Jakarta, Bandung, or Padang and lose yourself in the vast food culture this island nation has to offer.

Aside from the now globally popular nasi goreng, you should try its less famous cousin, nasi uduk, or a slice of sweet martabak. You won’t be surprised why many consider it the best dessert south of the Equator.

And if for one reason or another you get tired of eating, there are plenty more things you can do.


If you love sports, you are probably aware that Ethiopia has arguably the best long-distance runners in the world. You might have even heard of Abebe Bikila, a human specimen who won the marathon gold medal in world record time at the 1960 Rome Summer Olympics while running barefoot. Like many of us, you might be wondering, how on earth did he do it? Maybe it was the food he ate.

The next time you go on an African safari, don’t forget to stop by the Ethiopian capital of Addis Adaba and try injera, shiro de kibbe, or berbere. While you may not remember their names, you won’t soon forget the exquisite taste in your mouth.


People who dislike tacos, burritos, and chimichangas are few and far between. But it is only when you have been to Mexico City, Guadalajara, or Tijuana that you’ll fully be able to grasp what the fuss is all about. As the old saying goes, if you want to learn about Rome, you should talk to the Romans.

Only a few hours from the US depending on where you call home, it has never been easier to head down south for an unforgettable dining experience with your family and friends.

Final Thoughts

Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mexico are five of the best food destinations the world has to offer. Whether you pick one or several of them, it is a decision you will definitely not regret.

Villa Hope Content Team

Villa Hope Content Team

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